5 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid on Your Big Day

heart-hands-gestureFlowers are an important piece of your wedding day. You want your wedding flower to be perfect, from your bouquet to the centerpieces. But since the floral industry is huge – over 36,000 florists generate $7 billion in revenue annually – there can be an overwhelming amount of options. So in order to make your wedding vision come true, stay away from these five wedding flower mistakes.

Not looking at the big picture

When planning your wedding, make sure that you envision what the entire reception room will look like, not just the centerpieces. You will want to make sure that the centerpieces are not obscuring the view, that they are not too big the guests cannot see to the other side of the table, and/or that they gel with the entire look and feel of the room.

Not reusing the wedding flowers

The wedding ceremony only lasts for about an hour. Why not reuse the wedding flowers in the reception? It would be a shame to waste all of those wedding bouquets and centerpieces, so bring them to your reception to get the most out of your investment!

Not giving into compromise

You have to be willing to compromise. For example, say you want red carnations because they symbolize deep love. However, it may not be the exact season for carnations, making them hard to come by. Instead, tell your florist about the look, and feel of what you are going for in order for them to do the best job possible. You may have to be flexible, but when you put total trust in your florist, you will not have to worry.

Not openly communicating with your florist

It is equally important to tell your florist what you don’t like. In your initial consultation, make sure to bring pictures as they are the best way to convey what you are looking for.

Using just one color

Your wedding flowers are meant to accent your entire look, so matching your flowers exactly to the bridesmaids gowns will not make an impact. If you have blue dresses, do not go for blue flowers. Instead, choose complimentary colors like greens, pinks, and yellows.

Choosing wedding flowers does not have to be complicated with the help of a professional florist. Make sure to contact the professionals at Essex Florist for all your wedding needs!

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