Secrets Your Florist Wants You to Know

Florist Secrets

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers? Whether you are carrying wedding flowers, having flowers delivered, or buying flower bouquets for your sweetheart, flowers have the ability to instantly brighten up both your room and your mood.

In fact, 89% of women say receiving flowers makes them feel special, with a full 92% remembering the last time they received flowers from a special someone. So next time you head over to a florist, keep in mind these secrets your florist wants you to know.

Don’t use scissors!

Sure, in a pinch scissors will do. But if you want to keep your flowers fresher for longer, use a non-serrated knife instead to cut the stems at a 45 degree angle underwater. This will prevent the stems from getting ragged and stop air from entering in the stems. Excess air can ‘age’ the flowers and cause them to wilt faster.

Squeeze the roses

To make sure a rose is nice and fresh, gently squeeze the bottom of the flower where the petals meet the stem. If it is nice and firm, then the flowers are fresh. If the flower feels squishy, then it’s almost ready to wilt.

Add more than the nutrients provided

Sure, you will want to add the little nutrient packet that is provided with your flowers to make them look bright and cheery. But you can also add some sugar into the vase along with a copper penny. The sugar will provide extra nutrients and the penny will give off antibacterial properties.

Mist your flowers

The stems are not the only part of a flower that is thirsty! The petals can become dehydrated too, so give them a mist of water once or twice a day to extend their shelf life.

Keep them colorful with hairspray

A gentle spritz of hairspray will keep your flowers from fading prematurely. Just make sure not to overdo it!

Head to your florist on a Monday morning

Even though 83% of recipients say they like to be given flowers unexpectedly, sometimes you need a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Head to your closest flower shop on a Monday, when you are more likely to find a fresh restock.

Stay away from produce

Keeping your bouquet near a bowl of fruit or other produce will cause wilting as the produce releases ethylene, a gas that is harmful to flowers.

As long as you keep these floral secrets under your belt, you will have beautiful bouquets for days to come!

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