What Does Your Favorite Flower Say About You?

Flowers are truly a gift with meaning, as 99% of recipients say the person giving them flowers is thoughtful. But have you ever wondered what your favorite flower says about you? Read on to see if your favorite is on our list!

What flowers say about your personality.


You are a classic, but with a twist. You love adventure, seeing new things, learning new languages, and being a little different and quirky. You love bright colors, and nothing warms your heart more than a bouquet of tulips in all different colors. You are fun loving, never take anything too seriously, and you are a valuable friend. The tulip is perfect for you, as in 17th century Holland, Tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold!


You are the sensitive one in your friend group. You enjoy nothing more than a good cup of tea and quiet time with a good book. As the lily represents motherhood and caring, you are an incredibly nurturing soul. You love to take care of people, and will always be the first one to bring baked goods into the office.


You are passionate and romantic. You are incredibly dedicated to everything you do and you wear your heart on your sleeve. Some of your favorite things include ballroom dancing, helping others, and cooking. As each rose color has a different meaning so does each facet of your personality. You are incredibly complex and wouldn’t have it any other way! You love to love, which is perfect. In Russia, the red rose is given as a sign of romance.


You thrive on being different. You are unique, and love going off the beaten path. When everyone likes the Top 40s hits, you enjoy 1920s jazz. When everyone is going out to a bar on a Friday night, you are staying home working on publishing your first novel. You don’t care what others think. After all, your personality is what makes you great!

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Image Courtesy of Freepik