3 Considerations for Choosing Your Floral Arrangements for a Dinner Party

Planning a dinner party can be stressful. There is planning the menu, choosing between cooking and a caterer, deciding what mood you want to inspire with the music and ambiance. In all these decisions, you might be tempted to let your flower delivery fall through the cracks.

But floral arrangements, whether you are planning on having a simple centerpiece or a vase on every surface, can make all the difference in the success of your party.


Here are three important things to think about when arranging your flower delivery

The Scent

If you studied Shakespeare in high school, you might be familiar with the line: “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” It’s a nice sentiment, the everlasting beauty of the roses scent. But when planning a dinner party, a sweet-smelling flower is probably the last thing you want.

That’s because our sense of taste is highly effected by our sense of smell; that’s why when you are congested you have a hard time tasting your food.

Strong smelling flowers like lilacs and roses are beautiful, but can overwhelm the flavor of the food you are serving. When planning a dinner party, it is best to stick to poppies, dahlias and other scentless flowers.

The Height

Good food might be essential to your party, but the evening will live or die by the conversation. There are a number of tips for promoting interesting conversation among your guests, but one thing that can be easily overlooked is obstruction of eyesight.

A large, dramatic centerpiece can create an incredible impression as your guests trickle in, but once they’ve set down to dinner, a tall center piece is more likely to become a burden. After all, can your guests truly enjoy their meal if every time someone on the opposite end of the tables speaks, they have to lean one way or the other just to see them?

There are a few choices to remedy this. You can opt for a number of smaller vases spread across the table. If you must have a dramatic piece at the center, consider letting it start at your table during the cocktail hour, and moving it to the bar when it’s time to sit.

The Color

There are a hundred rules about what color of flower is appropriate and when. Red carnations are said to mean passion, yellow dejection, and white represent pure love. At the same time, white lilies are considered sympathy flowers: a signal of mourning and the purity of a soul departed from the mortal coil.

The best thing to do is forget all of it. When planning your party, you will likely have a color scheme in mind. Make sure you have a variety of flowers in a variety of colors that match your scheme and don’t worry too terrible about convention.

The most important part about planning the floral arrangement for your occasion is to find a florist who you trust, and who let you have the flowers delivered. With flower delivery, you have one less thing to worry about on the day of the party.