3 Floral Arrangements Perfect for Winter

The winter months can often leave the inside of your home feeling dark and gloomy. So what better way to bring some life to your home than with some floral arrangements?

While flowers are generally part of spring and summer home decor, there are plenty of ways to add flower arrangements to your home in the winter too. So let’s take a look at a few simple flowers you can add to your home decor for winter.

Essex Florist Greenhouse filled with poinsettias.
Essex Florist Greenhouse filled with poinsettias.

Red flowers and greenery:

One of the easiest and most perfect floral arrangements for the winter and holiday season is any type of red flowers paired with plenty of greenery. Red roses and tulips, which were used to declare romantic love in Russia, go perfectly with garlands or other greenery. The red and green combination brings color and life to any room. And fortunately, red flowers are usually abundant during the holiday season. So decorate your dining room table or mantel with red flowers and greenery to brighten your home on cold winter days.

White floral arrangement:

When outside is a white-out winter wonderland, bringing white flowers into your home can actually help brighten up the inside as well. Consider adding them to a room with generally dark decor for some much-needed brightness. Some great white flowers to consider include snowberries, peonies, and dahlias. You can add in a touch of greenery for a classic, elegant feel. Any table in your home is sure to look and feel better with beautiful all-white flower bouquets.

Branches and twigs:

While they’re technically not flowers, adding branches and twigs to centerpieces or other floral arrangements can be perfect for the winter months. Since winter isn’t about all of the bright and colorful decorations, branches can add a simple, rustic feel to any home. They also can add height or depth where needed. Consider adding some birch branches with pine cuttings for a perfect winter centerpiece. And don’t forget to put them in a unique or holiday-themed container!

Winter home decor doesn’t have to be drab like the outdoors can often be. So consider adding some of these arrangements to your home for the perfect decor for winter and the holiday season.

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