3 Ideas for Repurposing Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

February is the month of love with people all around the world celebrating Valentine’s Day. And while men make up 73% of flower buyers on this romantic holiday, people of all ages, genders, and relationship statuses take their time choosing flowers for their loved ones (and even themselves) for Valentine’s Day. Flowers are always a great gift, but sadly, they eventually wilt and die. So what can you do with your flowers after this holiday? Here are a few ideas for repurposing flowers and making them last forever.

Pressed flowers to use as bookmarks.

Floral bookmark:

There are a lot of great ideas for pressed flowers but a bookmark is too cute to pass up. After your flower arrangements have begun to wilt, place them in between some book pages, or underneath a heavy object, until they’ve fully dried. Then you can seal them with laminate to preserve them forever. Cut the laminate down to your desired bookmark size and punch a hole in the top. Loop some cute ribbon through the hole and you have a bookmark that will always remind you of your valentine’s day sweetie.

Glass jars filled with potpourri


One of the most popular ways to repurpose flowers is turning them into potpourri. Simply wait until your floral arrangement has wilted and dried and pull the petals off of their stems. Place them into a paper bag and leave it sealed for a few weeks. Once the fragrances have had time to combine and settle, you can place your potpourri in a cute bowl and set it somewhere in your house. Then you’ll be able to continuously smell your favorite floral aroma in your home.

Floral bath bomb:

There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a luxurious bath, so why not make your own bath bombs? Combine eight ounces of baking soda, four ounces of corn starch, four ounces of Epsom salts, four ounces of citric acid, and dried flower petals for decor and aroma. Once the ingredients are combined, form them into small cubes. Let them dry overnight and enjoy!

Your loved one probably went through a lot of trouble choosing flowers for you on this special love-focused holiday. So keep them lasting longer by trying one of these projects for repurposing your flowers.

If you’re looking for a great way to preserve your Valentine’s Day flowers, consider Essex Florist’s flower preservation services. We can preserve your flowers in a frame or a custom keepsake so you can enjoy them for years to come.

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