3 of the Most Desirable Blooms to Use for Autumn Wedding Bouquets

Feature image - 3 types of fall wedding flowers for nouquets

Planning a fall wedding might mean you’re not working with peak flower season, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on creating gorgeous flower bouquets for your big day. In fact, there are countless beautiful blooms you can use in a fall wedding bouquet. Let’s take a look at three of the most desirable blooms to use in your fall wedding flower bouquets.

Garden Roses

No matter what time of year it is, there’s nothing quite like seeing a beautiful garden rose in a wedding arrangement. Not only do these flowers symbolize love and romance in almost every culture in the western world, but they’re the perfect choice for a fall wedding. Roses bloom in a multitude of different colors, which means you don’t have to be attached to traditional red or white roses for your bouquets. Instead, you could choose a hue of deep red or off-white to complement an arrangement of other autumn blooms. Peach and blush are also popular choices for fall wedding flowers. Garden roses also bear a slight resemblance to peonies, which gives a beautiful fullness to your wedding flower arrangements.

A variety of fall flowers in a bouquet


In addition to being a beautiful flower, the chrysanthemum is also one of the many perennials that bloom during the autumn months. This makes it a perfect seasonal addition to any wedding flower arrangement or bouquet on your big day. These flowers are typically used for autumn weddings that have rustic or casual themes and come in a wide variety of colors. There are also several different types of chrysanthemums that can lend stylistic twists to your floral arrangements.


If you’re planning an early fall wedding, then dahlias are an excellent seasonal flower choice. Their fluffy shape and gorgeous color palette full of deep purples, warm oranges, and creamy whites make them perfect for autumnal weddings with warm-toned themes. It’s also possible to have multiple types of dahlias in one bouquet. Two of the most common types of dahlias include pompon dahlias, which are rounded with tightly packed petals, and cafe au lait dahlias, which have a longer, more fluffed out petal structure.

Whether you’re one of the 92% of women who vividly remember the last flowers they received or you have little floral knowledge, including these blooms in your fall wedding is sure to make you feel like a floral goddess.

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