3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Florist

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The first time you walk into a florist shop as a bride-to-be can be hugely overwhelming. With so many arrangements needed, and so many flowers to choose from, it can seem like you’ll never find the right ones, much less find affordable wedding flowers. You don’t have to be so frantic or spend that much money if you have a dedicated wedding florist. A wedding florist can help in numerous ways throughout the wedding planning process. Read on for just a few examples!

Flower Types

One of the biggest things a florist can help with is choosing the right type of flower for the occasion. One of the most well-known flowers is the Madonna lily. It’s white with yellow stamens, and it is also one of the oldest lilies, as it dates back about 3,000 years. If you want your flowers to symbolize something, red carnations can illustrate deep love, while white symbolize pure love, and yellow represent dejection. A florist will be happy to go over all of this with you!


Wedding florists have tons of experience in putting together the perfect arrangements. No matter what your style, a florist can easily put together beautiful wedding table flowers, or spring bouquets for bridesmaids. Their arrangements will add a level of beauty and elegance to your wedding.

Less Stress

The simple fact is that planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful process, and flowers are not the only thing to think about by a long shot. Having someone to take care of this portion for you will lift a lot of weight from your shoulders, and allow you to focus on other parts of the wedding. There’s definitely a florist for everyone– with 90,427 florists in America alone.

Are you planning a wedding? What do you think about wedding florists?