3 Tips for a Fall Wedding

Fall ChrysanthemumFall is the time of year for cozy country weddings, and since barn weddings are coming back in style in mainstream media, fall is now a popular time for weddings. With more affordable wedding flowers and more venue choices, fall is a great time to celebrate. While it hasn’t quite caught up with the spring season yet, there are still plenty of weddings to plan this season, and we’ve put together three tips to help you out!

The Right Colors

When we say pick the right colors, we don’t mean symbolism. Though it is true that red tulips in Russian culture mean romantic love, red carnations symbolize deep love, white represent pure love, and yellow represent dejection, there are other things to consider as well. Many fall weddings take place outside, in order to showcase the beautiful foliage. So the colors of your theme, wedding flowers, or wedding bouquets shouldn’t clash. You wouldn’t have bright, pastel, spring bouquets at an October wedding would you? A solid choice is always one of the oldest flowers out there: the Madonna lily. It’s white with yellow stamens, and pairs well with virtually anything because white doesn’t clash! This will make it easier to find affordable wedding flowers to pair it with as well.

Make it Cozy

Speaking of themes and flowers, fall weddings generally have an outdoorsy, cozy feel to them. You can make lanterns, or ask your florist shop to make fall-themed bouquets and fall floral arrangements; there are tons of things you can do to make something like a barn wedding feel intimate and warm to friends and family. Fall floral arrangements in particular would be a great way to incorporate a few themes in one.

Be Prepared

The weather can unfortunately be very unpredictable, especially as you get into late fall. Be prepared for a venue change, or even decoration changes. Anything can happen, so you’ll need to be on your toes as you get closer to the date.

What do you think about these tips? Are you searching for florists in Baltimore? Do you have any advice or things we missed?