3 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Fall Wedding

Fall Love BirdsPlanning your wedding day can be incredibly stressful, but by the time the day comes, all the time and stress spent will be worth it. If you’re someone who wants to be unique and break from the norm for your day, it can be hard to figure out good ways to strike a balance between tradition and your own taste. Read on for three ways you can switch things up for a fall wedding to remember!

Change Tradition

While it can be great to keep some traditions alive, statistics show that many brides are breaking out of the mold of traditional weddings. Many have their bridesmaids dressed in different colors or styles. Others add on unique patterns to their own wedding dresses. Still more are experimenting with different themes and DIY versions of things. Any number of these things, no matter how small, can give your day a unique twist.

Play with Color

Most people know the traditions surrounding wedding flowers: red tulips can mean romantic love, while red carnations symbolize deep love; white flowers represent pure love, and yellow represent dejection. You could also follow along with tradition by choosing the Madonna lily, which dates 3000 years back and is one of the oldest and most recognizable flowers for wedding flower arrangements. While those can be great options, you should also talk with a wedding florist about incorporating fall colors into the floral arrangements. Fall wedding flowers, at least for your wedding table flowers, can be a fun way to play with the colors of the season in a small way.


Fall wedding flowers can also put you on the path to experimenting with different themes. Popular themes for fall weddings include rustic and barn wedding themes. These themes can be used independently or work with each other to create an even more amazing day. Fall is the perfect time of year to try out new and unique themes.