4 Beautiful Bouquet Ideas for Your Autumn Wedding

Autumn is a beautiful time to get married. It is not too hot, not too cold, the weather is great, and the landscapes are picture perfect. There is something to say about being able to have an outdoor ceremony and then an inside reception, both being decorated in gorgeous fall foliage.

Since the fall is such a beautiful time, it only makes sense that you create your wedding bouquets and arrangements to complement the colors all around you. Here are some interesting flower design ideas to consider when creating your wedding flowers.

Add Greenery

You want your flowers to shine just like you on your big day, so it’s crucial you arrange them in a way where they can really sparkle. This is when greenery can come in, as it provides a great backdrop for any color flower. Ivy, baby’s breath, ferns, and succulents all work fantastically.

Long-Stemmed Flowers

If you’re looking for something non-traditional, consider long-stemmed flowers for your bouquet. Plenty of wedding bouquets have stems that are cut short, but long stems can really add a dash of elegance to your dress. Some flower design ideas for this include calla lily, roses, or sunflowers.

Stay with One Color

An interesting twist on fall floral arrangements is to choose one color and then only use different shades of that color. For example, having a bouquet that is filled with all of the same flower, but in light, dark, and medium-toned shades. This works great with roses or carnations in particular. However, when choosing your color theme keep the symbolism behind the color in mind: red carnations symbolize deep love, white represents pure love, and yellow represents dejection.

White, Blush, and Pink

Just because Labor Day has passed doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your wedding day. If you’re going with white, consider changing up your presentation to better represent the cooler days. Hues of blush, cream, ivory, and peach all look great grouped together but are more seasonally appropriate than just pure white.

With these ideas in mind, your bouquet will put those fall colors outside to shame on your wedding day. So go ahead and get creative — there’s no wrong way to create a wedding bouquet!

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