4 Reasons Why You Should Order Valentine’s Day Flowers Early

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s the perfect time of the year to express our love to our partners and spouses by sending them flowers and other romantic gifts. To avoid the Valentine’s Day flower rush that’s common every year, you should consider ordering your flowers early from Dundalk florists. Here are four benefits of ordering Valentine’s flowers early.

1. You Can Order the Flower Bouquets of Your Choice

On Valentine’s Day, everyone seems to be ordering flowers. Men are said to buy 73% of flowers on this day. The Society of American Florists estimates that 250 million roses are bought on this love holiday. While this is great for florists in Dundalk and other cities, it may spell doom for people who order late. You do not want to buy just any other flower because the ones you prefer are out-of-stock.

[themify_quote]Imagine having to send your partner or spouse the last bouquet of flowers in stock[/themify_quote]

Imagine having to send your partner or spouse the last bouquet in stock because you could not find roses, purple orchids, or some dark red carnations. You can avoid such embarrassing moments by planning early and pre-ordering your flowers from a florist near you. This will ensure that you do not settle on flowers your spouse will not like.

If you are a caring lover, you will go out of your way to give your significant other a perfect Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, it is as easy as ordering early from a florist shop or online.

2. Expedited Delivery

Florists will tell you that Valentine’s Day is one of their busiest days. Most florist shops may not even accept last minute orders, as they are normally stretched to capacity. Given the perishable nature of flowers, delivery of flowers must be carefully timed or they will wither while in transit. When you order early, you make it easy for Dundalk florists to plan their delivery schedule. You will be sure to receive your bouquet of fresh flowers on time to gift your significant other.

Although florists in Dundalk offer same-day delivery, the traffic on special days such as Valentine’s may hinder their swiftness. It is safer to pre-order your flowers so there is no risk of delivery delays.

3. Pre-Ordering Valentine’s Flowers Will Save You Money

As is common in all businesses, products and services attract higher prices during peak seasons because demand exceeds supply. The same goes for florists during special holidays like Valentine’s Day.

If you order your flowers a week or some days earlier, you may enjoy better prices than waiting to order on the same day. You may not only pay more for your flowers but also pay higher delivery costs on a busy day like Valentine’s. You can use the few bucks you save to pay for other romantic gifts, such as chocolate and candy.

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4. Ordering In Advance Allows You to Focus On Planning Other Romantic Gestures

For most Americans, receiving or giving flowers is just the culmination or the start of a romance-packed day. There are so many fun activities that you can plan with your spouse to celebrate your love. For instance, you could organize a couple’s massage at an exotic spa or a game drive in your nearest park.

When you pre-order your flowers from Dundalk florists, you will have enough time to plan for such romantic gestures to woo your partner or spouse. You will not only please your significant other for being extra caring, but you will save yourself the last-minute pressure of ordering flowers from an overbooked florist shop. A bouquet of beautiful red roses is the perfect way to start or conclude a romantic day between two lovers.

[themify_quote]Studies have shown that flowers have an immediate effect on our moods and help alleviate bad feelings.[/themify_quote]

Gifting your loved one flowers on Valentine’s Day is more than a gesture of love. Studies have shown that flowers have an immediate effect on our moods and help alleviate bad feelings. It is not a surprise that 89% of women feel special when they receive a gift of flowers. The best way to prepare for this special day is by ordering your flowers early. You can count on Dundalk florists to deliver your beautiful flowers on time.

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