4 Tips For Choosing A Wedding Corsage

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There are so many decisions you need to make when planning for your wedding. You have to choose the perfect venue, dress, food, entertainment, and wedding flower arrangements. As you’re piecing together all your wedding details, don’t forget to plan for your wedding corsage. How do you pick the right one? Here are four tips for choosing a corsage for your wedding.

1. Decide On A Color Scheme

When planning your wedding, you’ll need to decide on a color scheme for things such as your bridesmaids’ dresses and wedding table flowers. You want everything to be able to blend together well. If you choose red and white wedding flowers for your corsage then later choose purple for your bridesmaids’ dresses, you may be unhappy about how things look.

A matching corsage and boutonniere

2. Match Corsage With Boutonniere


Now that you’ve chosen your wedding colors, you’ll want to make sure you match the corsage with the boutonniere. You can do this by choosing the same types of accent plants, colors, and flowers. Some basic color palettes that work well together include lavender and sage, coral and light blue, scarlet and navy, and red and gold. If you’re unsure what to choose, ask a wedding florist in one of the estimated 36,613 floral shops in the U.S. who can make recommendations for choosing a corsage.

3. Choose Complementary Accessories

The accent accessories you choose should complement your flower choices for your corsage. When choosing a corsage, you can pick one or two add-ons that will highlight your flower choices. Some accessories you can consider include jewels, accent flowers, ribbons, bows, sparkles, and feathers.

Corsage with pink roses and ribbon

4. Blend Corsage Style With Wedding Dress Style


You put in a lot of effort when it came to choosing your wedding dress. You consider different styles and fabrics. You wanted to have the perfect one that matched your unique style and personality. Choosing a corsage style should be considered with the same amount of care. Is your dress simple and elegant or bold and statement-making? The style of the corsage should complement the style of your wedding dress.

What matters most when choosing a corsage is picking out flowers that you and your partner absolutely love and hold meaning for you. By following these tips, you’ll have the perfect corsage for your dream wedding and walk down the aisle in style. If you’re planning a wedding, visit an Essex wedding florist today to get started on your wedding flower design ideas.

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