4 Unique Ways To Create Wedding Centerpieces

The U.S. floral industry accounts for approximately 90,427 employees, which is reasonable considering the number of flower delivery orders and wedding flower arrangements that are requested every year. But weddings are certainly one of the most prevalent sources of income for florists around the world.

That being said, planning a wedding can be hard work, especially when you need to make a decision about wedding centerpieces. Here are a few unique ideas to help you plan your very own wedding centerpieces.

Upside-Down Wine Glasses

If you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic, this is a great option for you. The overturned wine glasses can house flowers of your choice and be topped with candles for a simple, yet romantic finishing touch on your wedding centerpieces.


Encasing anything in a cloche is going to add a rustic elegance to your wedding. Simply take some cake platters, top with flowers, and add the cloche on top to create a beautiful centerpiece. These work particularly well for long tables, as well, as they can be placed in rows. In addition, the cake platters can be varying heights to add some depth to your display.

Pumpkin Vases

If Cinderella can pull it off, so can you. This is especially adorable if you’re planning an autumn wedding. Not only are the colors beautiful for that time of year, these “vases” are completely sustainable! And you can pick your own from the pumpkin patch.

Bamboo Vases

It’s easy to be a fan of tall, elegant wedding flowers, but it’s not so easy to manage all of those slim glass vases. For a wedding look that’s more serene and natural, consider using polished bamboo stalks as vases for your arrangements. Not only will you get that elegant look, you’ll save yourself time and stress while you’re at it.

Your wedding is your special day, shouldn’t your floral arrangements and centerpieces reflect that? These are only a few ideas that you can work with. In truth, there are so many more unique ways to craft your wedding centerpieces! Don’t let fancy traditions get in the way of personalizing your day.

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