5 Reasons to Use Native Flowers at Your Next Event

Five reasons to use native flowers at you next event

When you’re planning an event that requires flowers, it’s easy to go for the most beautiful blooms you can find without thinking about the environmental impacts. It might not even occur to you as you’re looking for a florist in Dundalk. But native flowers are almost always the better choice for your events. Here are a few reasons why.

Seasonally Appropriate

When you invest in native, locally-grown wedding flowers, you’re doing the environment a big favor. Not only are the flowers local to your area, but they’re almost always going to be seasonally appropriate. Yes, there are flowers that can grow locally during the winter! As you peruse any florist shop looking for the perfect flower arrangements, don’t forget to ask about locally-sourced blooms. For a wedding or party, they can add a beautiful bit of homegrown goodness.

Supporting Local Business

If you don’t feel like looking for a florist in Dundalk, it might feel easier to call a 1-800 number. Unfortunately, the flowers you get from that big box company aren’t going to be as fresh as you want. And they certainly won’t help support local florists and farmers! One of the best things about using native, locally-grown flowers for your arrangements is that you’re often supporting local businesses at the same time. Sure, the U.S. florist industry brings in about $7 billion annually, but how much of that are you putting back into your community? Food for thought the next time you’re tempted to visit a major retailer for flowers.

Longer Lasting

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In most cases, locally-grown flowers will last longer than anything you could hope to have shipped in from across the country. They’re cut fresh, often within days of the event you need them for. In addition, they’re not shipped in boxes or crates for days on end. This also means they’re more shapely and often results in fuller bouquets.

Highlight Hometown Love

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If you really love the place you’re from, native flowers can help you say that with vibrance and elegance. A wedding at home with locally-grown flowers adds a beautiful touch to a special day. Maybe your child is going off to college and you want to have a piece of home at their going-away party. Or maybe a longtime friend is coming back home after years away. A gift of native flowers can be a wonderful welcome home present.

More Sustainable

Above all else, purchasing native, locally-grown flowers can be much more sustainable than any other flowers you could invest in. There’s no need for mass production, harsh chemicals to preserve flowers through shipping, or shipping in general. When you invest in native blooms, you’re supporting your local ecosystem and your local economy.

Looking for a florist in Dundalk that offers native flowers? Look no further. At Essex Florist, we understand just how special native flowers are and we want to help you plan your next event with these beautiful blooms.

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