5 Styles of Flower Arrangement to Consider for Your Event

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After buying flowers for your special occasion, you have to pick a flower arrangement that will make your bouquets stand out. Working with a florist in Dundalk, Maryland will help you come up with a unique floral arrangement ideal for your occasion.

Here are some styles of flower arrangements you should consider for your event.

Centerpiece with pink roses and baby's breath


A centerpiece is one of the most popular and classic flower arrangement that is especially common in weddings and other big occasions. There are many wedding centerpiece ideas that you can replicate in other events such as corporate dinners and cocktail parties.

[themify_quote]Centerpieces are placed at the center of a dining table or a cocktail table.[/themify_quote]

Centerpieces are placed at the center of a dining table or a cocktail table. The size of your centerpiece will influence how many flowers you will need. For a small centerpiece, you will require about 10 stems. Medium and large centerpieces will use 15-20 stems depending on how big you need your centerpiece to be.

You can have tall arrangements, short arrangements, or wide arrangements. For instance, if it is your wedding reception held in a big hall with large ceilings, you can opt for tall centerpieces. Wide centerpieces are well-suited for round-tables because they take more space. Short centerpieces are perfect in a squeezed space or when you want your guests to mingle from across the table without interruption.

Bar Arrangement

Flower design ideas for bar arrangements are similar to that of centerpieces, only that you use taller vases and stems. A bar arrangement draws the attention of guests. This arrangement is commonly found in hotel receptions and bar counters. If you have a flower wall at your party, you can use bar arrangements on the sides of the walls to add a feeling of elegance and glamour. Your guests will have a good time taking pictures in front of the flower wall.

Rustic flowerpot with a monochromatic flower arrangement

Monochromatic Flower Arrangement

This type of floral arrangement uses only one flower color. They can help you make a lasting impression at your party or occasion because they’re so eye-catching.

[themify_quote]They’re perfect for color-themed parties.[/themify_quote]

The best florist in Dundalk will help you come up with unique designs of monochromatic arrangements. They’re perfect for color-themed parties. This type of flower arrangement enhances the overall aesthetics of a party and provides an excellent background for photoshoots.

Bouquet using a single type of flower

Single Flower Arrangement

You use only one flower type for this arrangement. For instance, you can choose to only have roses on your occasion. You can use pink roses, red roses, white roses, purple or yellow roses, but no other type of flower. Although many people love to experiment with different flowers, a single flower arrangement is also chic and classy. Maybe you love the scent from the flowers, or you have an affinity bias for that one flower. Whatever your reason, you can use a single flower arrangement on your occasion and still move your guests’ hearts.

Feminine Flower Arrangement

Feminine arrangements feature colorful and fun flowers. They include flowers with a feminine appeal. These flower colors include peach, pink, red, purple, white, and coral.

[themify_quote]This arrangement inspires romance and love, so you can use it at your wedding party or anniversary celebrations.[/themify_quote]

This arrangement inspires romance and love, so you can use it at your wedding party or anniversary celebrations. This arrangement is also great for your daughter’s sweet sixteen party, or when you’re hosting an all-girls party.

Choosing flowers for your event is one step towards planning a splendid party. Even before buying your flowers, take time to consider which flower arrangements are the best fit for your party. There are many styles of flower arrangements you can choose from. You can opt for centerpieces, bar arrangements, monochromatic flower arrangements, out-of-the-box arrangements, romantic, rustic, and feminine flower arrangements.

You will find all the flowers you need for your flower arrangements from a Dundalk florist shop. The florist industry in North America is one of the biggest worldwide, and it generates about $7 billion in revenue annually. You can trust the best florist in Dundalk, Maryland to supply you with fresh and high-quality flowers.

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