Choosing Flowers? Here are Five Types and What They Mean

The world of flowers is one of beauty, color, fragrance, and most of all, emotion. Flowers carry with them a significance and a symbolic attachment to human sentiments.

So why send flowers? There are many reasons: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other occasions all are perfect reasons to send flowers. When you are choosing flowers, how do you know which flowers are appropriate for the occasion that you are commemorating?

To help you when you are choosing flowers, here is a quick overview of five popular flowers and the emotions that they represent.

Meanings of roses, Carnations and Gladiolas flowers.
Roses, Carnations and Gladiolas


The beautiful, fragrant rose carries with it many different meanings.

For instance, white roses often symbolize a new beginning. They can also mean reverence, innocence, or even a new start. Red is love, but deep crimson is mourning. Yellow is friendship, pink is happiness, and lavender is one to look out for when choosing flowers since the connotation is love at first sight! If you need to pick wedding bouquets and centerpieces, you can’t go wrong with roses.


In this case, deep red carnations mean deep love, while yellow ones indicate disappointment and rejection.

The pink carnation represents a mother’s undying love, and is reputed to be symbolic of the Blessed Mother Mary’s tears. Be careful in your choice of color if you are choosing a corsage or boutonniere made of carnations!


Strength and valor are the symbols of the gladiola.

They also represent strength and honor. The name gladiola comes from the Latin word “sword”, which the gladiators used in their battles. Gladiolas are gorgeous in floral arrangements.

Meanings of daisy and iris flowers
Daisy and Iris


What could be brighter, cheerier, perkier, or happier than a daisy?

This is a flower that opens in the morning and closes in the evening, and it symbolizes innocence, cleanliness and purity.


The iris stands for wisdom and faith, as well as bravery and valor.

The iris resembles a fleur-de-lis, as does the lily, which is a French symbol that has its origins in the Middle Ages.


When you are choosing flowers, the selection that you make reveals a lot about yourself. For instance, many people, about 89%, believe a sophisticated individual is the one who has sent them flowers. And almost 99% would characterize that person as thoughtful.

Most certainly, receiving a floral delivery is an event that makes people feel very special, and it also is a mood brightener for them, too.

It’s no wonder then that the florist industry is so successful in the United States, and one that is growing every year. With all the positive aspects of sending flowers isn’t it time for you to think of someone who would like a surprise and then go about choosing flowers for them?

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