How to Choose a Perfect Lilies Bouquet

For centuries, Lilies have been a symbol of peace and comfort. One of the most widely known and loved lilies today is the Madonna Lily which has been admired and shared for over 3,000 years, according to the Society of American Florists. They are among our favorite flower arrangements, and for good reason. Lilies make a bold show with multiple colors to choose from. They also pair well with so many other types of flowers, that it’s easy to create a unique bouquet. Complete with a lovely fragrance, there isn’t much negative you can say about these elegant classics. If you are searching for the perfect Lily bouquet, here are a few things you should consider.

Consider the Occasion

Whenever you are going to choose a flower bouquet, the first thing you should consider is the occasion. Flowers are very symbolic and different flowers are appropriate for different occasions. For instance, lilies are entirely appropriate for weddings, but they are also appropriate for funerals. The occasion for which they are being arranged matters because it will affect how your florist will match lilies with other flowers, color choices, and more. When you speak with a florist about flower arrangements, be sure to mention the type of occasion the arrangement is for.

Consider the Recipient

Another important consideration would be the recipient. Flower arrangements are meant to be personal, and a good florist will want to make it personal. When you talk with a florist about flower arrangements, be sure to include information about the recipient as well. Florists love to make arrangements that will really speak to the individual.

Consider the Budget

Flower arrangements are a beautiful and thoughtful way to tell someone you are thinking of them, but as with many other things in life, budget often does matter. If you have a budget in mind, be sure to share this with your florist early in the conversation. This way, they will know what types of flower arrangements to offer to you, and they can better plan out your beautiful bouquet.

Consider the Timing

If you really need your bouquet delivered by a specific day or time, it’s imperative that you plan ahead. Planning ahead will ensure that the arrangement is ready and delivered on time. If a florist is very busy, there could be a waiting list or delay, so order early.

If you are looking for beautiful lilies for flower arrangements, give us a call today at Essex Florist & Greenhouses. Our team of professional florist are ready to make your one-of-a-kind flower creation.