How to Use Flowers for the Holidays

How to use flowers for the holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of America’s favorite holidays. We love to decorate our homes and offices to share the holiday spirit with our friends, colleagues, and customers. Flowers come a long way in holiday decorations. A good flower arrangement in your house will certainly make your holiday gathering feel special. That’s why florists in Dundalk are fully committed to supplying you with the best flowers for your holiday decorations. But how do you effectively use flowers for holiday decorations? These tips should guide you.

1. Incorporate Organic Materials into Your Holiday Flower Arrangements

You may have many flower design ideas for your Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. But have you thought of including organic materials like feathers, grapevine wreaths, natural rope, and undyed wool? They really go the distance in bringing out a unique design in your floral arrangement. Picture a Christmas flower bouquet that includes Christmas roses, poinsettia flowers, Christmas ivy, and mistletoe. As it is, the flower arrangement is perfect for placing on your Christmas tree or your mantelpiece. But to give it more appeal, you can add some nicely-colored feathers on the side or some grapevine wreaths to add a rustic look.

You can also creatively attach a rope bow to the vessel holding your flower bouquets to add a unique look and feel. Utilizing organic materials in your floral designs for the holidays will give you a creative edge. When you get your holiday flowers from a local florist, whether that is from florists in Dundalk or not, don’t be afraid to experiment with different organic materials. For instance, you may add a red ball of yarn with wooden needles to your holiday flowers and make them even more attractive.

Colorful fall decoration

2. Add Edibles to Your Christmas and Thanksgiving Gift Flowers

More than 88% of respondents in a study said that their mood changes for the better every time they receive a gift of flowers. It’s even more special when you gift your Christmas host or guests with a bunch of well-arranged holiday flowers. Flowers communicate feelings of love, which is the main spirit of the holiday season. To make your flower gifts even more colorful and fun, you can add some edibles such as cranberries, apples, limes, pomegranates, artichokes, strawberries, blueberries, and pears.

These edible fruits will add more beauty to your flower arrangements because of their unique shapes and colors. More so, edibles in a flower gift mean that you wish good health to the flowers’ recipient. It is such a thoughtful idea because your guest can also eat the fruits after your holiday dinner. As such, adding edible fruits to your holiday flower gifts will serve both aesthetic and sentimental purposes.

Essex Florist Greenhouse with holiday flowers

3. Accommodate Plants and Greenery in Your Holiday Floral Arrangement

Do not limit your holiday decorations to the flowers you buy from florists in Dundalk or elsewhere. There are many plants and greenery that you can mix with your flowers to make a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement. These plants and greenery include conifers (pine, spruce, cedar, and cypress), broadleaf evergreens (holly, ivy, magnolia, and boxwood), and herbs (rosemary, lavender, oregano, and sage). You can also use some perennials that have been dried, such as hydrangea and sedum, to make a beautiful garland or wreath.

However, you should be careful when selecting these plants and greenery because some of them may contain pests and diseases that may destroy your holiday flowers. A good holiday florist will supply you with all the holiday flowers you need and also share some flower design ideas. However, it’s up to you to invest time and energy and be creative with how you decorate your house for special holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah.

Flowers will be a big part of your decorations, but you should also mix up your flowers with organic materials like plants, greenery, and edible fruits. This will make your floral arrangements and holiday decorations more unique and attractive. Ultimately, you’ll bring out the holiday spirit and create life-long memories with your family and friends.

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