How Much Do Ceremony Flowers Cost for Weddings?

It is difficult for me to give you an estimate on ceremony flowers for your wedding because everyone’s ceremony is different. But I can give you some general ideas, and some things to consider. You wedding ceremony flowers fall into two categories: Flowers used to decorate your celebration AND Flowers used as part of your service. Both are very important for you to consider.

Church Weddings

church-ceremony-weddingGenerally, when you are married at a church, we recommend two matching altar arrangements that go on either side of the altar. You do not want to place an arrangement directly on the floor in front of the altar. While this is very attractive during regular church services, when you are getting married you are standing in front of the altar and the flowers will not be seen. If they are either side, they will act as a frame and will look very nice in your pictures, As for cost, altar flowers start around $50 and average between $95 and $125. It just depends on the size of the arrangement and the types of flower that you choose.

You should so check to see if the church your planning to be married in has a weekly flower program. Our shop works with a lot of churches providing altar flowers every week. It may be possible to donate the flowers for the week you are getting married, and in some case, you may be able to add some additional funds to make them a little larger than the regular flower. If you do this, you would not be able to take the flowers with you to be used later at your reception. You also want to make sure that you can request a color mix that works with your wedding. This may not always be possible, so make sure you check with the parish first before making any decision.

Pew Bows are another popular item for ceremonies. They are used to mark reserved pews in the front of the church for immediate family and for the bridal party. But a lot of brides want a certain number of pews decorated from the front of the church all the way to the back, We add can add greens and flowers to the bows and the cost varies from $5 for just a bow to around $15+ depending on your choice of flowers. Before you invest in any markers for pews, you have to make sure pew markers are allowed. We always tie our pew decorations onto the pews, but there have been enough unprofessional florists out there who have gone into churches and damaged the pews by using tape. For this reason, many churches no longer allow you to have pew markers of any kind.

Other items popular with brides are garlands on railings entering into the church, arrangements at the entrance of the church, and cones of rose petals to throw at the happy couple when they exit the church. Some churches let you do whatever you want to decorate, but more often, they have specific rules about what they will and will not allow. So before you order any flowers, make sure you know all the rules.

Ceremonies at Venues

ceremony-venue-the-grammercyMany brides and groom are moving towards nontraditional weddings located at places other than aa church. If you plan to get married at a venue you probably want to make sure you understand how your wedding will be set up before you sign any contracts. Many venues will offer flowers as part of their set up. Do your self a favor and stop in a few times to see the location set up for a wedding. I have seen flowers that venues provide, and often they do not appreciate the fine art of floral design. I have seen venues place dead flowers that are to be used for a ceremony. When I say dead I mean just that. The foliage is no longer green but yellow, the flowers are so far gone you can see through the petals. They use these arrangements over and over again. They are kept far too long and are handled by not to careful staff more than they should be. That is not to say that some venues have very nice flowers. But you should make sure you understand what they are providing before you agree to let them provide the flowers.

Flowers Used as Part of Your Celebration

When you plan your service with your celebrant, you may want add things to your ceremony that require flowers. For example, you might want to present roses to each of your Moms. If you decide on this, it will be in your wedding program, and you will need the flowers for this. If you are getting married in a Catholic church, you may decide to do a presentation to Mary. If you do this, it will be in your program and you will need to order flowers for that. You could also have a memorial arrangement with a candle in it that you could have lit on the altar to remember someone who has passed on. There are a lot of thing you can do in your ceremony that make your service unique and special. Your celebrant can help you work out the details, and your Bridal Consultant can help you select the floral designs that will make each detail memorable.

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