Popular Flowers and Their Meanings

meaning-of-flowersThere is no better way to show your love or appreciation than by sending flowers. The U.S floral industry brings in about $7 billion in profits annually with approximately 36,613 florist businesses, whether it be a florist online or a florist shop. When a person receives flowers, they believe the giver is being thoughtful 99% of the time. Make your statement even more caring by pairing the correct flower with the message you are trying to send. Here are some facts about flowers that will help you choose between the multiple varieties.


This red flower is typically given out by Veterans in remembrance of their fallen comrades. But when they are given to someone, they symbolize fantastic extravagance and opulence.


These bright, colorful flowers are great for gifts on Valentine’s Day, as they symbolize bashfulness.


There are as many symbols for roses as there are colors of roses.

  • White is for purity.
  • Yellow for friendship.
  • Purple means enchantment and mystery.
  • Pink is for gratitude.
  • Orange is for desire.
  • Red is traditionally for romance. But, a red rose in a clenched fist is a symbol of socialism and social democracy.


These bright yellow flowers are great for people moving on in their lives as they symbolize new beginnings. Ideas for recipients include high school or college grads, expectant mothers, and couples getting married.


Just like roses, tulips are incredibly versatile. They also boast a colorful history. In 17th century Holland, tulips were more valuable than gold. Overall, they symbolize life and love. Here are just a few of the different meanings that tulip colors have:

  • Red offers a declaration of love and evokes feelings of passion and romance.
  • Yellow stands for hope and cheerful thoughts and is the color of friendship.
  • White is traditionally for apologies or funerals.
  • Pink is for happiness and confidence.
  • Striped tulips symbolize a lover’s beautiful eyes.


These are given as an overall message of goodwill and good luck. Pink carnations are especially popular for Mother’s Day. The fable goes that pink carnations appeared on earth from the Virgin Mary’s tears, making them a symbol of a mother’s love.

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