Queen for a Day: Planning Your Bridal Bouquet

The place to start when planning your wedding flowers is with your bridal bouquet. What you select to carry at your wedding will set the tone of everything that is to follow. The first rule is to understand that there are no rules. No matter what anyone tells you, this is your wedding. I recently worked with a bride who had met with a consultant at another shop who was frustrated because her favorite flowers happen to be daisies. The consultant told her daisies were not appropriate for a wedding. Really! Time and time again, I meet with brides who have been told by family, friends, and yes, even wedding consultants, that what they want is not appropriate for a wedding. Your wedding should reflect you. So as you embark on selecting the perfect flowers for your bouquet, understand you are the queen and you rule.

Cascade Style Bouquet
A traditional cascade style bouquet.

Choosing Your Own Style

As you begin your search for the perfect flowers, you want to start thinking about what flowers you like and how you like them presented. Most bouquets today are made in the style of European Hand-tides. In this style, the designer arranges the flowers in his or her hand in a spiral pattern so that the stems are tied together and wrapped with ribbon. With that said, the traditional cascade shown on the left has not completely gone out of style. Cascades are made in bouquet holders and are still in fashion. You will find that bouquets made in bouquet holders are slightly more expensive than the European style bouquets; however, if you are having a formal affair a traditional cascade may be an excellent choice.

With respect to the European Hand-tied bouquets notice the difference in styles of the two we have selected. The bouquet of white roses on the left is perfectly symmetric. All of the roses are of equal size and are placed one against the other to create a classic bouquet that is softened only by a touch of baby’s breath around the edge.

In contrast, the bouquet on the right offers a vintage style. It’s less ridged lines give the bouquet an airy, romantic feeling. You need to decide which style you like best. Are you more traditional? Do you prefer the orderly look of the rose bouquet, or a carefree just picked from the garden design?

Wedding bouquet with a mix of flowers
Bouquet with a mix of red and white roses

Single Flower or Flower Mix

In addition, you need to decide if you like the uniformity created by using a single flower in your bouquet, or would you like to see multiple types of flowers in your bouquet? Compare the red and white rose bouquet to our all white rose bouquet. Both bouquets are still very symmetrical and somewhat ridged when compared to our lavender rose bouquet. However, by combining an assortment of flowers we have changed the look. The red and white roses offer color contrast and are different sizes. In addition, we have introduced Stephanotis to the mix. Looking at all three bouquets, what look you like best?

Color Mix

As you collect your photos of bouquets you like, consider your color mix. Do you want a bouquet that is all white, or do you want a bouquet that has a touch of color? Or, maybe you want something very non-traditional that has no white in it at all. Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong answer.

Remember if you see it on Pinterest – so does everybody else!

It is important for you to collect pictures of bouquets you like. Even if you cannot see the common elements of design style, a good wedding consultant can. I cannot express how helpful it is for me as a designer when a bride sends me a link to her Pinterest page. One word of caution, as you search social media for bouquets, try to remember you are looking for ideas and inspiration only. I say this because so many brides see pictures on Pinterest and fall into the trends. You want your wedding to reflect your style and tastes. A good Bridal Consultant can help you take your ideas and help you create that perfect wedding bouquet that is uniquely you!

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