The Effects of Flower Bouquets on Our Moods and Well-being


Different types of flowers and emotional expressions.

Flowers have a positive impact on our emotional and social wellbeing. Every time we receive flower bouquets or send flowers to the special people in our lives, our moods change for the better. Be it spring bouquets, wedding flowers, or sympathy flowers — they help us communicate our feelings to our loved ones.

Gifting Flowers

Research conducted by Rutgers University found out that the presents we choose to communicate special messages to another person also speak depths about us. You can visit a florist near you and select the type of flowers that best conveys your feelings. Thanks to Mother Nature, we will never run short of flower options as we have hundreds of flowers available for our usage. Even if some of the flowers are seasonal, each season brings forth a type of flower we can all enjoy. For spring bouquets, you have a plentiful supply of tulips, while summer bouquets may utilize zinnia flowers.

The best part is that you can visit a florist in Baltimore and have your pick from a vast pool of different types of flowers. A florist in Baltimore will help you pick Essex flowers that will best show your affection to the receiver of the flower bouquet. About 86% of respondents in a survey say that flowers make them feel special, while 88% acknowledge that receiving a gift of flowers turns around their mood for the better.

You may be wondering what makes flowers so unique to us and how flowers affect our moods. Here are the unique ways that flowers positively influence our overall wellbeing.

The Color of Flowers

Colors are known to affect our cognitive ability and influence our perceptions of different subjects. Different colors communicate mixed feelings to our brains. Red is associated with intense love and romance. Therefore, red roses are a favorite for dating couples and also for wedding bouquets. Blue color inspires desire, passion, and ambition to do great things. As such, you will find blue flowers in most corporate offices that are working towards a bigger goal.

Violet represents innocence, truth, and loyalty. It also inspires creativity in people. Yellow is a happy color, and it inspires good feelings in us. We associate the color yellow with sunshine. Therefore, yellow flowers inspire us to be more cheerful and productive in our daily living. The color pink represents joy and tranquility, while orange symbolizes success and great achievements.

Young woman smelling flowers

The Scent of Flowers

Flowers such as Lily of the valley, roses, lavender, and jasmine have strong perfume-like scents. Most soap and perfume manufacturers rely on some of these flowers to give their products a natural scent. A sweet fragrance is indicative of a happy place. That is why restaurants and hotels prioritize flowers with strong odors. When for instance, you have a good time with your significant other in a hotel with sweet-smelling roses, your brain will remember the feeling you had when you smell the same scent elsewhere. As such, spring bouquets may bring back memories of a sweet summer you had when you feel the same scent.

Caring for Flowers

You feel better when you plant flowers in your garden. Growing flowers and taking care of them makes a person feel more responsible and useful. The dedication and attention it takes to grow flowers both pay off once you see them blossom. Having a colorful garden with sweet scents will not only make your home feel more peaceful and comfortable but also attract friends and neighbors. When the flowers in your vase start to shrink, you feel sad, and this inspires you to replace the flowers with fresh ones. This emotional attachment to caring for flowers boosts our productivity and makes us happier every time we tend to our flowers.

At Essex Florist, we will supply you with all types of flowers that you require for different occasions. Whether you are looking for spring bouquets, summer bouquets, funeral flowers, wedding flowers or sympathy flowers, we have your back.

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