These Wedding Ceremonies And Bouquets Are Down-Right…Different!

Different types of bouquetsDo you think wedding flowers have to be boring? Think again! People all over the world are determined to make their big day truly their own. These shocking wedding bouquets, spring wedding flowers, and wedding ceremonies and receptions should be enough to inspire you.

Wedding Bouquets: Then And Now

Although affordable wedding flowers and spring wedding flowers may evoke romance, the tradition of a wedding bouquet has less than joyous origins. In fact, although the exact origins are still up for debate, many suggest that the custom began during the Plague. At the time, people apparently held herbs and plants over their mouths and/or near their faces to stave off the disease — and their wedding days were no exception. Of course, today brides and grooms have much more cheerful conversations with wedding florists. These professionals can help you choose the best wedding table flowers or discount wedding flowers based on modern symbolism and meaning. (Red symbolizes deep love, white indicates purity, and yellow can sometimes mean dejection.

When Bouquets Get Strictly Functional

One Australian couple needed a wedding bouquet for a very practical — and largely unexpected — purpose: to partially cover themselves during their entirely nude wedding ceremony. According to Oddee, the groom wore nothing but a strategically placed top hat, and the bride used her bouquet of roses to a similar effect (she also wore a wedding veil).

In Some Cases, You’re Going To Have To Save The Bouquet For The Reception (Couple Marries In a Shark Tank)

Of course, in certain circumstances, you may have to opt out of a bouquet — or save it for pictures after the ceremony. One couple exchanged wedding vows sans-bouquet, for example, but surrounded by sharks. “Both are experienced divers and were protected by a cage as sand sharks, nurse sharks, eels, and a giant grouper circled around,” Oddee writes.
Approximately 90,427 Americans work for florists, and the florist industry rakes in $7 billion annually! Wedding bouquets have changed a lot over the years, and these days, couples can get pretty creative or nontraditional in their choices of wedding flowers.