Three Pointers To Help You Pick Flowers For Valentine’s Day

Pick the best Valentine's Day Flowers Ever!Every Valentine’s Day, Americans gift an average of 196 million roses to romantic partners and loved ones. That’s a lot of roses. Local florist shops and online florists work very hard to deliver all of them on-time and to your specifications. This Valentine’s Day, here are a few things to think about before ordering roses; these tips and tricks will save you (and your florist of choice!) valuable time.

Select Flowers That Mean Something

In The Phantom of The Opera, the phantom chooses a single red rose with a black ribbon as a symbol of his love. Your reasoning doesn’t have to be quite so cryptic, but it’s always worthwhile to choose an arrangement that means something. For example, find out the recipient’s favorite flower, and make sure to include it in the bouquet. Color is another way to go. Red symbols love and romance, white indicates purity, and yellow means platonic love or friendship.

Are Sustainable Flowers An Option?

Is your amor particularly environmentally conscious? No problem! Talk to one of the 90,427 U.S. men and women working for the 36,613 American florists about sustainable options. Choose from beautiful, potted flowers that can last months — or sometimes even a year. For instance, orchids are a beautiful flower; they require just a little water each week and last months when taken care of properly. Other shops can still sell you the staples — roses, carnations, etc. – but they can do it all with sustainability in mind. These shops grow and care for flowers naturally, and even look into greener options for florist delivery.

Find Out What Flowers Are In Season

Roses may be expensive around Valentine’s Day because they’re not always in season, depending on where you live. Lilies, calla lilies, hydrangeas, irises, magnolia, and snap dragons are in season during February, so you can expect reasonable prices.

A local florist and/or online florist can tackle a lot more than affordable wedding flowers and wedding table flowers. Plan ahead for Valentine’s Day. Find out which flowers mean something to both of you, choose sustainable blossoms when possible, and cut costs with in season floral arrangements.