Three Tips for Affordable Wedding Flowers

Budget you weddingYour wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you and your partner have likely budgeted accordingly. However, as the planning process goes on, you may realize how quickly costs can add up and begin to reconsider your priorities. This can be a great chance to refine the overall plan for your event, but it also means making some tough decisions. Usually, your flowers are one of the toughest calls to make: wedding table flowers and other arrangements are a traditional and essential component of wedding decor, but it can feel wasteful to spend thousands of dollars on something that will begin to wilt by the next day. However, choosing inexpensive wedding flowers can easily go wrong. Fortunately, with the help of a good wedding florist and the tips below, you can work on finding affordable wedding flowers that fit both your event and your budget.

Forget Brand-Name Blooms and Expensive Trends

Everyone who has ever turned to the internet for wedding flower arrangement ideas has likely been barraged by thousands of Pinterest boards, magazine articles and photo spreads featuring decadent blossoms. With so many possibilities, it is easy to get swept up in the excitement. However, most people will realize that the trendy orchids and lilies they saw online are far from cheap. To get affordable wedding flowers, you don’t have to avoid the internet, but you should prioritize your own taste and budget over modern fads. Think about the types of flowers you have always loved and look for affordable ways to incorporate them into your arrangements. Researching traditional meanings of flowers can also inspire meaningful, affordable bouquets and table decorations: for example, red tulips were used to declare romantic love in Russia, while red and white carnations symbolize deep and pure love respectively. Interestingly, a single red rose in hand represents social democracy or socialism, rather than something romantic.

Think In Season

Using flowers that naturally bloom during the same season as your wedding not only helps you save money, but is also more convenient and environmentally-friendly. For a spring wedding, think roses and gardenias, or look for narcissus and heather for a fall wedding.

Simple is Chic

Your first instinct for your wedding flowers might be to go big, especially when it comes to the bouquet. However, big arrangements are expensive and might distract from other important details, like your decorations or even your wedding dress. For affordable wedding flowers, plan on something small and striking that still allows other elements to shine.

Planning a wedding inevitably involves a number of difficult choices and decisions, especially when it comes to sticking to a budget. Despite this, it is possible to find affordable solutions for every problem, especially your wedding flowers. Contact a wedding florist in your area today to discuss how you can create a beautiful wedding with affordable floral arrangements.