Which Flowers Should You Choose for a Funeral?

Which Flowers Should You Choose for a Funeral?

One of the most common ways to send condolences to a family after the loss of a loved one is to send flowers. Sympathy flowers are a traditional way to express your support with a loving gift. If you have never had to order flowers for a funeral, you may find it difficult to choose which bouquet to send. This brief guide can help you decide which funeral flowers to choose for sending your condolences.

Traditional Flowers for a Funeral Arrangement

There are some traditional flower options to include in your funeral arrangement. White lilies have always been popular because they symbolize peace, sympathy, and rebirth. Lilies are available in a range of color options, but typically, white is the color of choice for funeral arrangements. Roses are also a popular traditional funeral choice. Chrysanthemums (mums) and carnations are also commonly chosen; you have multiple options to consider that can beautifully express your care for someone in your life.

Color is Highly Symbolic

When considering which flowers to choose for a funeral arrangement, keep in mind that color is significant. Flower etiquette is in place when it comes to the colors that you choose to arrange. For example, white flowers indicate love, innocence, and rebirth.

Red flowers indicate admiration and respect. Pink flowers symbolize remembrance and innocence. It is important that your choice of colors convey the message you wish to send. </p.

Live Plants

You don’t have to send a floral arrangement to a funeral; you can choose to send a live plant. Live plants are a gift for the family that can help keep the memory of their loved one alive. A peace lily is a lovely live plant and a well-received gesture.

Other live plants include daises, rose bushes, and gardenias. Working with a florist can help you to choose which type of arrangement or live plant you want to send. According to IBIS, there are about 36,613 florists in the United States. A shop near you can supply you with what you need.

Sending funeral flowers to support friends and family who have lost a loved one is a time-honored tradition. Get the support you need to send an arrangement that is appropriate and meaningful. Call Essex Florist today to learn how our professional team can help you choose the appropriate flowers.