Why Lilies Are Ideal Sympathy Flowers for a Friend

Sending sympathy flowers is the traditional way to give condolences when a friend is dealing with a loss in their family. The lily is the most popular type of sympathy flower. Here are some reasons why lilies top the list of sympathy flowers.


Watching a friend grieve is heart-wrenching. It can be difficult to find the right words to say to bring comfort. Flowers do the talking for you, and sending flowers to a grieving friend is a great way to show your support.

Beautiful lilies speak volumes about how you feel and provide comfort. They are the perfect way to support your friend through a difficult period.


Lilies are very symbolic sympathy flowers. They’re often referred to as the “queen of the garden.” When we think of lilies, most people think of the peace lily. However, according to Plant World, the Madonna lily, which is a bright white lily with yellow stamens, is one of the oldest lily species; in fact, it dates back about 3,000 years!

The lily symbolizes peace, rebirth, hope, and healing. When a lily is sent in sympathy, it is considered a healing gift. White lilies are the most popular color lily because they convey peace and rebirth. Since ancient Greece, white lilies have been present at funerals. These aromatic beauties are lovely as part of an arrangement, a plant, or a standalone bouquet.


Lilies have large, visually stunning flowers and highly fragrant flowers. Studies have shown that the smell of flowers releases feel-good endorphins. Therefore, it makes sense that sending lilies to express sympathy has become a tradition because they bring comfort and joy to the recipient during their darkest period.

A beautiful arrangement that includes lilies helps the recipient thanks to the lovely scented and visually stunning flowers. They’re therapeutic because they entice the senses and help your friend take their mind off their worries for a little while.

Bringing comfort to a grieving friend via a beautiful arrangement of lilies is a simple gesture that has a huge impact. Order sympathy flowers for a loved one by contacting the team at Essex Florist today! We’ll help you determine which bouquet is best for your friend or family member.