Would You Get Married In A Taco Bell?

Unconventional wedding locationsToday’s brides and grooms-to-be are more likely to do their own thing, and they’re not being shy about it, either. Couples are mixing it up, putting a twist on just about everything, from traditional venues to vows and wedding table flowers. What are some of the most unique weddings from around the world?

What’s Your Favorite Book?

The answer may be more relevant than you think. A growing number of brides and grooms are loosely — or sometimes even very closely — basing their big day off of their favorite book. Alice In Wonderland and The Lord of The Rings-themed weddings are fairly popular, for example. Themed weddings are a great opportunity to take advantage of affordable wedding flowers. Wedding florists can help you pick out spring wedding flowers that go right along with your theme. One couple throwing a Lord Of The Rings wedding chose discount wedding flowers resembling the appearance of wild flowers. Alice In Wonderland fans are more likely to choose roses. (Red symbolizes deep love, yellow indicates dejection, and white means purity. Red can also symbolize socialism or social democracy.)

Why It’s A Little Weird To Celebrate Your Wedding Day In the Tower Of London

While the tower does contain the treasury and the world-famous Royal Mint, it is also the site of thousands of beheadings and other grim executions. (That does not, of course, stop couples from choosing the site to say their I dos.) In fact, the U.K. restored the castle after an author drew readers’ attention to it. What was the book about? The tower prison and the gruesome torture devices therein.

…But Not As Weird As Saying “I Do” In A Fast Food Restaurant

That’s right. One Australian couple celebrated their big day at a Taco Bell. What is the silver lining? Even the most affordable wedding flowers add instant class to a fast food ceremony.

U.S. florists as a whole bring in $7 billion annually. Whether you are throwing a wedding with elements from your favorite book or a wedding a short walk away from a legitimate torture chamber, florists can help you choose appropriate and beautiful wedding flowers.