10 Easy to Forget Wedding Day Details to Keep Track Of

Wedding Day DetailsYou have spent your entire life planning for your wedding day, and the day has finally come. It seems that there are thousands of things to plan, which makes the little details easy to forget. So here are 10 wedding day details not to miss.

1. Rain plan

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Then, it’s important to have a rain plan or your guests will be soaking wet. If your venue offers a rain plan that requires a deposit, go for it despite the price. Even though the price tag can seem frustrating, it is worth the peace of mind at the end of the day.

2. Sunset

You need to know when the sun will set on your wedding day. It’s an incredibly important detail when it comes to pictures and the time of your ceremony, so do your research beforehand!

3. Extra chairs

Unless they arrive together, groups of people will not typically sit next to each other, so it is important to have a couple extra chairs to provide comfort for your guests.

4. The florist

Your florist is the one stop shop for the majority of the decorations, so you will want to be completely transparent with the arrival time. As they are bringing your wedding flowers, bouquets, corsages, and wedding centerpieces, you don’t want them to be late! Make sure you are investing your time and money into a reputable florist, so you have nothing to worry about on your big day.

5. Photo wrangler

Appoint a photo wrangler. When you go for your photos, your photographer will not know who your family members are, so the photo wrangler will make the timing of everything go smoothly.

6. Food allergies

Ask the guests about food allergies. You don’t want a crisis on your big day!

7. Cake table

The cake is typically the focal point during your reception, and you don’t want it to be stuck in a corner. Make it pop by decorating it with flower bouquets made from red tulips as they are used in Russia to declare romantic love. It will be a fun touch and a cool fact to tell your guests.

8. Gift table

Ask someone to watch over the gift table. The last thing you will want to do at the end of your long day is to worry about the card box!

9. Temperature

Keep the temperature in mind. You don’t want to be shivering when you are saying your vows, and you will want to keep your guests nice and comfortable.

10. Kids

Decide on a game plan for the kids. You can use coloring books, games, craft supplies, anything you think they would like to keep the kids calm during the reception and ceremony.

Just keep these tips in mind on your wedding day and it will sure go off without a hitch!

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