How Much Will My Wedding Flowers Cost?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “How much do wedding flowers cost?” Budget is everything, and we respect that. To help you plan your budget, we have created the following chart which will help brides and grooms plan a reasonable budget for wedding flowers before they walk through the door of a florist.

Bridal Party Flowers Estimate Price Chart

  Item  Low  Middle  High
Bouquets – Bridal$50-$100$100-$225$225-$400+
Bouquets -Honor Attendant$50-$65$65-$125$125-$175+
Bouquets -Brides’ Maid$50-$65$65-$125$125-$175+
Bouquets -Flower Girl$7.50$35-$50$125

Keep in mind, the pricing used in this chart reflects the pricing used by our bridal consultants, who are also our wedding designers.

While you can use our pricing model as a guide, keep in mind the cost of your flowers will depend on the types of flowers you choose, as well as, the style of your bouquets. The ranges we have provided should help you, at the very least, establish a ballpark budget.

Our shop does not belong to FTD, Teleflora, or 1800Flowers, or any other national florist marketing company, which means we do not pay hidden commissions and fees on our products to these companies. Those hidden commissions and fees add up to 20%-30% of every product that shops belonging to FTD, Teleflora or 1800Flowers sell. We decided a long time ago that when someone buys flowers from our shop, they should only be charged for the flowers. Therefore, our pricing across the board is generally less than our competitors who do belong to these companies. If you want to add in the cost that you might experience at a shop that is a member of FTD, Teleflora, or any other national marketing company, add 30% to your total. Also, if you go to an exclusive “wedding only shop”, you can add 30% to 50%, as these types of shops charge more for what they consider to be “exclusive” service.

Bridal Bouquet

Bouquets in the Low Range are beautiful and elegant, but utilize flowers that are not as expensive as flowers in the Middle and High Ranges. In this range, we offer carnations, daisies, wild flower mixes, and, YES, you can have roses. Our 12 rose bouquet is about $100. Check out our Wedding Page to get a feel for types of bouquets that are available in this price range.

In working with brides, I have become aware that a lot of shops, especially ‘wedding only’ shops, do not want to work in this range. Keep in mind, ‘wedding only’ shops only do weddings. The point being that they have no other types of work to spread their operating costs over. A retail florist that has a dedicated line of business for weddings, can spread their cost over sympathy, everyday, AND wedding work. In addition, because they have a dedicated line of business devoted to wedding work they can give your wedding the specialized attention that a wedding only shop would, but at a lower price point. That is the entire principle behind Bridal Creations. As part of Essex Florist and Greenhouses, Bridal Creations is our line of business dedicated to weddings. If you find a Bridal Consultant is steering you to flowers that are in the high end or is unwilling to do a bouquet under $100, go elsewhere-or better yet come to us. We pride ourselves on respecting your budget.

In the Middle Range, flowers could include roses, Gerbera Daisies, or Lilies. Most of our bridal bouquets fall in the Middle Range. Again, take some time to scan our E-commerce Page to get an idea of bouquets in this price range.

The High Range would include bouquets that are very large, and /or are made with unique flowers like Peonies, Garden or David Austin Roses, Orchids, Sweet Peas, Calla Lilies, Succulents, or Stephanotis, to name a few. These are flowers that are grown exclusively for wedding work, which requires the flowers to be perfect. The extra labor to grow them, plus the fact that they can only be used for weddings, drives the cost of these flowers.

In the High Range, I am asked most about Calla Lilies and Peonies. With respect to Calla Lilies, they grow from bulbs and come in many different colors. They come in two sizes, miniature and standard. Calla Lilies other than white tend to be more expensive.

Like Calla Lilies, Peonies are shown in every Bridal Magazine and in almost every picture you will find on Pinterest. These flowers are only in season a few weeks out of every year. They can be cut in bud stage and held in cold storage for a few weeks, but because of their short season, they are very expensive. When they are out of season, which is most of the time, the alternative is a Garden Rose. These roses have a look like a Peonies, but as “designer” roses they are as expensive.

For more ideas on how to select a Bridal Bouquet, see our article Queen for a Day: Planning Your Bridal Bouquet.

Honor Attendant & Attendant Bouquets

Our bouquet pricing is the same regardless of whether the bouquets are for a bride or attendant. The lower cost reflects the reality that, attendant bouquets are smaller and often made from flowers that complement the bridal bouquet, but do not have necessarily the same flowers. Keep in mind, if you want your attendants to carry all Callas Lilies, or Peonies, etc. you need to estimate their bouquets using the guide for bridal bouquets. For some ideas on what to consider when choosing your attendant bouquets see our article: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Attendant Bouquets.

Flower Girls

Options for flower girls can be as simple as a bag of rose or flower petals, a small clutch bouquet, or they can be as elaborate as a Pompadour Ball. Your choice depends on whether or not you are allowed to throw petals at your ceremony, and how much you want to spend. Rose and flower petals are considered the Low Range, Clutch Bouquets are in the Middle Range, and more elaborate items can be found in the High Range. For more ideas and suggestions, see our article: 5 Things to Consider When Selecting Flowers for Your Flower Girls.


Boutonnieres should be made from the same flowers used in the bouquets. Our Low Range includes carnations, our Middle Range includes Roses, Sweetheart Roses, and some mixed flower designs, and our High End would include things like Orchids or Calla Lilies. Our Wedding Planner Floral Checklist also includes an extended list of people that you may want to have flowers which include fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, and others. For more suggestions, see our article: 5 Thing to Know About Boutonnières.


We have included an article, 4 Things to Consider When Planning Wedding Corsages, to give you some direction when considering your corsage options. Again, our pricing reflects things like miniature carnations in the Low Range, roses and mixes in the Middle Range, and more expensive flowers like Orchids and Gardenias in the High Range. It is important to know what color dresses your family and guests are wearing so that you can choose flowers that complement their attire. You also need to know what style corsage each person might prefer, i.e. Pin On, Wrist, or Clutch. Our Wedding Planner Floral Checklist also includes an extended list of people that you may want to have flowers which include moms, grandmothers, godmothers, and others.

Ceremony and Reception Flowers

It is difficult to provide an estimate for designs that can be used at your ceremony and reception. That is because there are just too many variables. With that said, designs for your ceremony often start at $50 and average around $75 to $125. It depends upon the size and the flowers you choose. To give you a little more direction, please see our article: How Much Will My Ceremony Flowers Cost?

Receptions are equally challenging. To help you, we have posted an article How Much Will My Reception Flowers Cost? With that said, it is a good idea to decide how much you want to spend on your reception in total. Centerpieces can start as low as $15, but our average is about $65 to $85.

Let us know if this information was helpful by sending us your comments. You can also request a Wedding Consultation online. Once you complete the form, one of our Bridal Consultants will contact you to confirm your appointment. There is no fee for our Bridal Consultations, however, we do ask for a credit card to reserve your appointment. We ask that you kindly give us 24 hours notice if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. If you do not give us notice, and do not show up for your scheduled time, we will charge your card a $25 No Show Fee.

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