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Flower Preservation

Preserve your cherished flowers for years of enjoyment with Essex Florist Flower Preservation.  Now you can treasure your special flowers in a custom keepsake or frame of your own creation.

Bridal Bouquet preserved and framed under a 16" x 20" clear dome.
Bridal Bouquet preserved and framed under a 16″ x 20″ clear dome.

How It Works

As much as it is an art form, flower preservation is also a science. It is labor intensive and time consuming. But so worth the effort!!!! When done properly, your floral keepsakes will last many years.

We get asked all the time about how to dry flowers. There are several methods. The most common and least expensive is air drying. You can do this yourself at home by hanging your flowers upside down in a dry environment. Of all the possible methods, this produces the least favorable results. Flowers that are air dried are brittle and shatter easily. The same is true for flowers that are pressed between the pages of a book.

Commercially, most professionals rely on one of two processes: silica gel or freeze drying. Both methods produce excellent results; however, with silica gel, your flowers begin the drying process the same day you bring them into our shop. With freeze drying, your flowers are placed in a freezer and are held until the freeze-drying machine is available. That is why the wait can be 6 to 8 months for a keepsake to be completed.

With silica gel there is no waiting. Really, why should you have to wait 6 to 8 months for your flowers to be preserved?

We work with a very fine commercial grade silica gel that is manufactured to very specific standards. This is not the same silica gel that you might find in your local craft store. This product allows us to dry your flowers in 6 to 8 weeks; and, once you come in to the shop and plan out your final project, we can deliver a finished product in about 2 weeks. The only exception to this would be major floral holidays that we have to work around or waiting for some of our custom frames to be shipped.

We Offer a Variety of Keepsake Options

Domes, unfinished frames, and finished frames.


Our smaller domes are perfect for sympathy keepsakes.  They also work well for displaying corsages and boutonnieres.   Our larger 12” x 15” is perfect for displaying a reassembled wedding bouquet.

Dome Size Cost
5.5″ x 5.5″ Dome $65 for finished Keepsake
5.5″ x 10″ Dome $70 for finished Keepsake
12″ x 15″ Dome $300 for finished Keepsake

*Pricing of finished keepsake does not include the cost of drying.

We offer 3 keepsake dome sizes.

Unfinished Frames and Memory Boxes

Our 3″ deep frames and memory boxes are perfect for smaller projects like corsages and some sympathy. Our 4″ deep frames can accommodate larger items, including wedding bouquets. The 3″ deep frames are identical to items purchased at local craft stores. Our 4″ deep frames are custom made locally to our specifications.

Our unfinished frames tend to be a little lower in price than the museum quality frames that we also have available. With these you can choose endless options to have them finished. We are working with acrylic paints and with Unicorn Spit. Unicorn Spit is a gel and stain that offers brilliant colors and limitless blending possibilities.

Selection of unfinished frames and memory box sizes.
3″ Deep Frame*Cost
8.5″ x 11.5″$65 for finished Keepsake
10″x 11.5″$70 for finished Keepsake
12″ x 14″$75 for finished Keepsake

*Pricing of finished keepsake does not include the cost of drying

4″ Deep Frame*Cost
12″ x 12″$160 for finished Keepsake
14″ x 16″$225 for finished Keepsake
16″ x 16″$250 for finished Keepsake

*Pricing of finished keepsake does not include the cost of drying

Memory Boxes*Cost
7.5″ x 6″ x 4.5″$60 for finished Keepsake
6.25″ x 4.75″ x 3.75″$75 for finished Keepsake

*pricing does not include matboard or scrap booking paper for background.

Museum Quality Frames*

Our museum quality frames are beautiful. They are made to order and come already finished. Each frame is priced separately depending upon which frame you choose and what options you select. These frames allow you to choose your matt board that is precision cut for your frame. You also can elect to have your glass treated for UV rays.

Custom projects are quoted on a case by case basis based on a consultation.

*Pricing of finished keepsake does not include the cost of drying.

Bridal bouquet preserved under an oval dome with a museum quality frame.
Bridal bouquet preserved under an oval dome with a museum quality frame.

The Process

Flower preservation is a two-step process:

Step One is the actual preservation, where your flowers are treated, and placed in our drying trays for several weeks. When they come out of the drying trays, each flower is individually sealed with a commercial grade sealant. Once sealed your flowers are ready to be displayed!

Step Two is the creation of your keepsake. This step will begin when you come in shop to see your flowers and decide how you want them displayed. At this time, you would bring in any items that you would like included in your keepsake. Invitations, pictures, prayer cards, are all examples of items you might want to include. In the time you are waiting for your flowers to dry, check out our gallery of completed designs, and look on sites like Pinterest for ideas.


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