2018 Fall Wedding Trends: What to Expect

If you’re one of the lucky people who recently got engaged over the holiday season, you may be feeling a mix of excitement and panic thinking about planning your upcoming wedding for this fall.

From dresses to color schemes to flowers, there are a lot of decisions to make. Luckily, we’re here to help. To help get you started with the planning process, this article is going to talk about a few of the expected trends for fall weddings this year.

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Dark Colors:

Many brides and grooms chose a white and blush color palette for their wedding last year. This year, wedding experts expect to see a return of dark colors like eggplant, marsala, burgundy, and red-browns. However, experts suggest mixing the dark colors with a contrasting color like blush, beige, or peach. These contrasting colors are often used for wedding centerpieces or wedding bouquets. Additionally, another way to get a unique look is to incorporate copper elements into the color scheme.

Foliage and Texture:

When it comes to fall wedding flower arrangements, this season will see a lot of arrangements with a natural base of greenery. Popular looks may include branches, vines, and other natural textures. Additionally, smaller plants like succulents can be used to add interesting texture. Overall, this year’s fall wedding flower arrangements will consist of a few basic colors with lots of greenery. By choosing to work with one of the 36,613 florist businesses in the United States, you can ensure your floral arrangements are exactly what you’re looking for.

Unique Food:

Especially among millennials, food is becoming an increasingly important factor in wedding planning. Couples want to offer their guests a unique culinary experience. This may include things like interactive appetizer stations, farm-to-table dinners, or creative desserts. A particularly popular trend will include a focus on desserts. While a wedding cake remains important, couples are choosing to serve additional desserts such as donuts, ice cream sandwiches, or even an entire dessert bar.

Wedding trends are changing every year, and even every season and weddings for this fall season are expected to be a colorful, yet natural, scene. So whether you’re looking for a small, intimate ceremony or an extravagant party, consider incorporating some of these ideas when planning your special day.

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