5 Tips to Help You Work Seamlessly with Your Florist

When you’re planning a wedding or party, you need to have a more solid working relationship with your florist. The best florist in Baltimore can do it all, but only if you’re willing to build your relationship and truly work together.

How to seamlessly work with your florist

Share Flower Design Ideas with Your Florist

Give your florist a skeleton idea to work with. If you are able to talk to your florist in person, you can communicate your ideas better. Let your florist know the feel you want your floral arrangement to exhibit — romantic, whimsical, colorful, or happy are just a few ideas. Whatever feel you are going for, the best florist in Baltimore will pick the wedding flowers that best communicate your feelings and desires. You may also have seen some wedding flower arrangements on social media or wedding magazines that you would love to embody at your wedding. The important thing is to let your florist know the effect you’re going for, and they’ll take it from there.

Set and Share Your Budget

As colorful as they may look from your florist’s shop or on their website, some flower bouquets may be out of your floral budget. Luckily, the best florist in Baltimore can provide you with inexpensive wedding flowers without compromising on quality. Your florist should have some working figures for your maximum floral budget. This will enable them to craft your floral arrangements with your budget in mind.

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Be Willing to Compromise

Sometimes, you may not get the specific kind of flowers that you want, because of valid reasons. First, your flowers of choice may be out of season or beyond your floral budget. If you’re working with the best florist in Baltimore, you won’t have to sacrifice much, because they can use their floral experience to get you a suitable replacement. You may never even remember that a certain flower is missing.

Communicate in Advance

If you have to reschedule your wedding, your florist should be the first vendor to inform. This will help the florist make different plans to avoid losses for their business. Because flowers are highly perishable, as much advance notice as possible will help your florist save any blooms that otherwise might have gone to waste in your wedding arrangements.

Allow Your Florist to Dazzle You

When you work hand in hand with your florist and you’re more receptive to new floral ideas, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful arrangements they create. Florists make flowers their life’s work, after all, which means they’re incredibly suited to deliver unique wedding floral arrangements. Leaving your wedding flower arrangements to someone else may be a tough decision, but the best florist in Baltimore will exceed your expectations. The U.S. is home to some of the best florists on the globe, and the florist industry brings in about $7 billion in revenue annually.

Your florist is your greatest ally in making your wedding look positively gorgeous. If you have questions about you wedding florals or you’re looking for the best Florist in Baltimore, you can trust our team at Essex Florist to take care of you.

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