Flowers: Know Their Uses and What They Symbolize

Rutgers University research found that the presents we pick to convey our messages say a lot about us. This holds true when speaking about flowers; they say a lot about the person sending them, as well as saying a lot to the person they’re meant for. In fact, those who send flowers in comparison to other gifts are viewed as successful, caring and emotionally intelligent people.

There are a number of facts about flowers which many people do not realize when buying them. They have had different meanings throughout history and location. Red carnations symbolize deep love, while white represents pure love, and yellow represents dejection. A red rose, when held in your hand, is a symbol of socialism or social democracy, for example. Red tulips are used to convey romantic love in Russia.

The most common uses for flowers are wedding or funeral arrangements, corsages, and bouquets. A corsage is a great floral accessory for any formal occasion, such as a wedding, graduation or prom. Choosing a corsage can be fun, but make sure you take everything into account. You should know what color you want, and what flower you want when walking into a florist’s shop.

Floral arrangements are an entirely different monster but also say a lot about people, especially when they are presented at a wedding. Whether it’s choosing a corsage or a wedding florist, you must be careful and know what message you would like to convey. Inexpensive wedding flowers can be near impossible to find; however, with a little time and effort it can be done, and your guests will be equally delighted by quality, but affordable, flowers.

With around 36,613 florist businesses located in the U.S alone, employing about 90,427 people, if you do a little research chances are you will find someone that not only knows what they’re doing, but also has affordable wedding flowers.