Having An Affordable Wedding Doesn’t Mean Having A ‘Cheap’ Wedding

Keep your wedding on budget.Nearly all soon-to-be wed couples want the same thing: a wedding ceremony and reception that is unforgettable, fun, and extravagant — but without the extravagant costs. With some careful planning, it is more than possible to bring the costs of an average wedding ($20,000!) down to a much more reasonable amount. Here are some of the best ways to cut costs, without sacrificing the personality and elegance of your big day.

When It Comes To Wedding Venues, Think Outside Of The Box

Choosing a non-traditional wedding venue is one of the best ways to save big on your wedding day. For example, instead of renting banquet halls and hotel reception areas, consider tying the knot in the aquarium, zoo, bed and breakfast, caverns (yes, caverns!), art galleries, vacation homes, or mansions. Brides and grooms have, for example, rented mansions with scenic gardens or beautiful vacation homes for less than a traditional wedding venue. If you do want to stick to a more customary venue, do it carefully — and with purpose. Some vineyards already have gorgeous outdoor sitting areas decorated with trellises and lights, for example (meaning there is less for you to spend your money on!).

Discount Wedding Flowers Are Just As Beautiful

Hint: No one is going to go rifling through your receipts, making certain that you paid full price for wedding party bouquets and wedding table flowers. And you can work with that. Whether you literally step inside of a florist shop or purchase from a wedding florist online, discount wedding flowers can look, feel, and smell just like full-price flowers. Discount flowers give you the freedom to purchase more flowers — or exactly the ones you like — without having to obsess about costs and pricing. Although American florists earn $7 billion each and every year – your wedding does NOT have to account for a significant portion of that.

An inexpensive or affordable wedding doesn’t necessarily have to entail a ‘cheap’ wedding. Browse less expensive (and delightfully unique!) venues, and talk to one of the 90,427 U.S. men and women working for 36,613 florists about discounted wedding flowers.