What Are The Best Flowers To Give As Gifts?

Feature Image - What Are The Best Flowers To Give As Gifts?

Whether it is for a birthday, an anniversary, or for the passing of a loved one, floral arrangements make for a special gift. A great majority (83%) of people enjoy receiving flowers unexpectedly, so why wait for a special occasion?

You should use these tips to find the best flowers for a gift

Different flowers have varying lifespans that are affected by different climates. One might go for a hardier flower if they want it to last longer, like a succulent, or something a bit softer like a rose for a wedding or anniversary. There is nothing that says ‘I love you.’ more than an arrangement of roses. If you want to buy a floral arrangement for a funeral, a flower that can last a bit longer will go a long way. They can stand proud for some time in remembrance of the loved one who has passed.

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Instead of buying a floral arrangement you can buy a plant, perennial, or annual. These can last ages if planted in the right place and will remind you of the celebrated occasion for years to come. The bright colors of long-lasting sunflowers, peonies, daisies, tulips, and iris’ make for a beautiful floral arrangement to lighten and brighten anyone’s mood.

Even different colored roses mean different things.

Another great way to decide on what flowers to put into an arrangement for a special gift is to look up the meaning of different flowers. For example, an iris represents faith, trust, wisdom, and hope. Even different colored roses mean different things. While red roses represent love, yellow roses represent friendship. These are important distinctions to make before picking out flowers. Make sure to speak with a professional florist who has experience in providing flowers for events. They will have the best recommendations for your loved ones.

Although a floral arrangement might seem extravagant, it is worth it to spoil a loved one who is celebrating a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Perhaps there is no occasion, and you just want to spoil that special person in your life. Either way, the gift of a flower arrangement will always be appreciated! Find a greenhouse or florist near you to make the best decision regarding your next flower purchase.

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