Why Are Funeral Flowers So Important?

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Funerals are incredibly difficult. Obviously, those involved in planning a funeral are usually close to the recently deceased and are in the midst of mourning. Funerals are not only traditional in most societies but are widely believed to be emotionally important for the grieving process. It can be difficult to truly move forward when you haven’t been able to properly say farewell to your loved one.

Funerals are not only traditional in most societies but are widely believed to be emotionally important for the grieving process.

With that being said, there are expectations that come with funerals — certain aesthetic details that, while not required, are considered an important part of planning a funeral. One of those details is funeral flowers. While you may choose flowers to decorate for a funeral, you may also send flowers as condolences when attending a funeral (or if you are asked to attend and cannot). Let’s look into some of the reasons why funeral flowers are so important.

1. They Show That You Care

The main reason why people send flowers as condolences in the first place is that flowers have always been a great way to show that you care. In fact, 99% of all people say that they find flowers to be a thoughtful gift. Flowers have been used to demonstrate affection, but they’re also meant to simply signal that you’re thinking of someone.

2. They Send a Message

There is a true secret language of flowers. While we often think of flowers in terms of the romantic messages they can send, they’ve also long been used to convey messages about grief. There are flowers that are traditionally categorized as funeral flowers, including lilies, which are meant to offer hope and encouragement to the mourners; chrysanthemums, which are classic mourning flowers in China, Japan, and Korea; and gladioli, which are meant to uplift those who are grieving.

Carnation Sympathy Basket

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White Garden Vase

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White Garden Standing Spray

Fugi mums, roses, and carnations are accented with Ecylyptus and September Flower.

3. They Can Commemorate

Of course, there are no rules when it comes to choosing funeral flowers. Some people choose funeral flowers that are simply based on the flowers the deceased love the most while they were alive. As long as you’re offering some gesture of sympathy, it doesn’t matter if you’re following the “rules.”

You can’t always predict when a loss will occur, but you can send flowers. Contact our team today to purchase funeral flowers for your loved one.