3 Fall Flower Arrangements That Make the Perfect Gift in 2023

Fall flower arrangements are a wonderful way to get into the spirit of the season. According to a recent survey by the Society of American Florists, 88% of the respondents disclosed that receiving flowers improves their mood. Autumnal floral arrangements are perfect hostess gifts and centerpieces. Whether you’re buying one for yourself, or as a gift, they’re sure to brighten everyone’s mood! Let’s take a closer look at a few options.

1. Traditional Harvest Arrangements

One of the most popular types of fall flower arrangements includes harvest themes. This could mean anything from dried corn stalks to farm-inspired vases. If you want to bring a traditional feeling into your home this autumn, your floral designer can help you create something great! Don’t forget to ask about centerpieces and wreaths utilizing the same theme.

2. Cornucopia Table Centerpieces

This gourd-centric style of table decor is a staple during the Thanksgiving season. You’ll love working with your designer to create a horn of plenty that’s always a great conversation starter. When you want to embrace the Thanksgiving season, having at least one cornucopia centerpiece is a must. These arrangements usually use a lot of flowers, gourds, and horns in autumn’s gold, rust, and yellows. The next time you want to dress your holiday special with something special, you can work with your local florist to create a beautiful cornucopia centerpiece for your holiday celebration.

3. Mums and Other Fall Flower Arrangements

There’s something so beautiful and calming about fall flowers. You can create an arrangement using mums and other traditional fall flowers. There’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching different seasonal flowers, too. Sunflowers are generally considered to be popular summer flowers, but their gold and brown colors will fit perfectly in your fall flower arrangement. Violas and petunias are two other popular fall flowers. Creating an arrangement in a hollowed-out pumpkin is a perfect way to really embrace the season and have some fun! And no fall arrangement would be complete without a few chrysanthemums!

Essex Florist is a full-service local florist that you can count on for all of your flower arrangements. We love crafting season-specific arrangements that capture the spirit of the harvest season as well as family togetherness. Stop by our shop today to see our beautiful arrangements and floral bouquets. We look forward to seeing you soon to help you create something beautiful!