3 Marvelous Ideas to Spruce Up Wedding Bouquets

Spruce up Your Wedding BouquetsWhether a wedding is in your immediate future or some time down the road, it’s never too early to start planning the big day. Besides the major arrangements (like location, food, and the guest list), picking out the right wedding bouquets and wedding centerpiece ideas is a crucial part of creating an everlasting experience.

Many people theme their special day around the time of year. Darker fall wedding flower arrangements are great for October weddings, and bright spring bouquets are wonderful for April Weddings. However, if you’re looking for flower arrangement ideas that are a bit more unique, here are some suggestions that can help turn any ordinary wedding into a truly special occasion.

  1. Think Outside the Bouquet: Wedding bouquets are great, but there’s no rule that says you have to stop at the bouquet itself. Consider using the same kind of flowers or central theme of colors and expanding to other areas of the venue such as adorning a water fountain, hanging them from the ceiling, or lacing handrails and chairs with wedding flowers.
  2. Flowers have been known to brighten people’s moods. In fact, 89% of women say receiving them as a gift makes them feel special and 88% of people overall say it puts them in a better mood. Why not try to improve the mood of everyone in attendance by keeping your flower decor open rather than restricting it to wedding bouquets.
  3. Additional Elements: Wedding flowers are great, but along the same lines of not containing them only to a bouquet is the fact that you can add other elements to really make your design unique. There are many different colorful fruits and vegetables that can be creatively intertwined to really make your decor stand out.
  4. Flower Crown: Maybe not the most innovative approach in the world, but creating a crown of flowers to complement wedding bouquets is a simple and easy way to give your wedding ensemble the extra pop it deserves.

It’s estimated that $7 billion is collected in revenue annually by the U.S. florist industry, and a lot of that money undoubtedly goes to weddings. There are a plethora of ways to incorporate unique and interesting designs into your wedding day. Picking out the wedding bouquets themselves is just the first step.