Things to Look for in a Wedding Florist

Quality, Service, and ReputationPlanning your wedding is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever get to do. However, it can also be very stressful if you’re not working with the right people. Your wedding florist, baker, decorator, and caterer will have a significant impact on your stress level throughout the process. This is why you need to make careful decisions when assembling your wedding team. Read on for a short checklist to get you started in your search for a florist shop.

Good Quality

Wedding flowers can make or break the decor in your ceremony and reception. A florist shop has numerous options for you to choose from, will work with you to make sure your flowers tie everything together. For example, red tulips often are used in declaring romantic love. You can choose to convey a message such as this or tie in with your theme and color scheme.

Excellent Service

Affordable wedding flowers are nothing if they’re not backed up by excellent service. In an industry with an annual revenue of $7 billion and 36,613 shops in the United States alone, not all florists are created equal. Look for small perks and services to make your life easier, like florist delivery or one-on-one meetings. It is these small services that will go a long way in making your planning easier.

Great Reputation

The last thing you need to look for in a florist is their reputation. If you do enough research you will find that the shops that go above and beyond for their clients leave a trail of happy consumers in their wake. Over time, this gives them a great reputation. If, however, you search for a florist online and nothing comes up — be wary of them. They may not be someone you want to give your business to. It all comes down to knowing the shop you walk into.

Are you planning for your wedding day?