4 Best Flowers For Valentine’s Day (Other Than Roses)

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Many men (73%) choose to buy a beautiful bouquet of roses for their special someone. Your spouse will love some gorgeous flower arrangements from the best florist in Dundalk. Here are the four best romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day:


Orchids are exotic flowers perfect for symbolizing true love.

White orchids can be an alternative to Valentine roses

They represent elegance, strength, seduction, and luxury. These are an excellent choice for expressing how much your significant other really means to you. You can find over 25,000 different kinds of these delicate flowers in a variety of colors and shapes through a florist near you.


Sunflowers are a great way to brighten up your loved one’s day.

Sunflowers can be an alternative to valentine roses

They aren’t typically considered to be romantic, but that’s far from the truth. These cheerful yellow flowers symbolize adoration and happiness. If your relationship is just starting out, these can be a delight without getting too mushy. You can even find red sunflowers to amaze her with from the best florist in Dundalk to tie in with the typical color scheme of the day.


Carnations were the first known wedding flowers for anniversaries and their Latin name means “flower of the Gods.”

Carnations can be an alternative to roses on valentines day

This fragrant flower can express different things, depending on the colors you choose. White carnations symbolize purity. Light red carnations represent admiration and dark red represents deep love. They also can come in a wide variety of other colors as well and can last for about three weeks. Mix and match the colors in these spring bouquets to create a stunning effect.


If you want to proclaim your love, tulips are the obvious choice.

Tulips can be an alternative for roses on valentine's day

The inside center of a tulip is dark and heart-shaped, which symbolizes a lover’s heart blackened by intense passion. Plus, these flowers are incredibly affordable and have the ability to last long after you give them. The tulips can grow while in water even after being cut. A flowery delivery of these stunning buds will be sure to capture her heart.

You will be sure to amaze your significant other with any of the above flowers. When choosing the best florist in Dundalk for flower design ideas, make sure to tell them how you feel about your special someone and what you’d like to express. They help you choose the best ones that your love will absolutely cherish.

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