Guide To Buying Flowers For The Woman In Your Life

Man with bouquet behind his back to surprise a woman

Buying flowers is a great gift idea no matter the occasion. Approximately 89% of women say they feel special receiving flowers. But you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices when you visit a florist in Dundalk to choose the perfect bouquet. By knowing what to look for, you’ll be able to wow that special lady in your life with something meaningful and heartfelt. Here’s a guide to buying flowers for the woman in your life.

Just Friends Flowers

Daisy flowers

For the women in your life that you’re not in a romantic relationship with, consider choosing flowers such as baby’s breath, freesia, and daisies. These flowers communicate innocence and fun and will definitely brighten up the day of anyone who receives them. As far as color choices, you can’t go wrong with any flowers that are white, yellow, or pink.

Dating Flowers

Lilac bloom being held in an outstretched hand

If you’ve just started dating, you may not be ready yet for the romantic undertone of red roses that are associated with Valentine’s Day and serious relationships. Some perfect first date choices include lilacs, orchids, tulips, and sunflowers. You also can’t go wrong with mixed bouquets of garden type flowers and greenery.

Learning more about your girlfriend can give you clues to help you choose the best flower arrangement. What is her favorite color? What’s her personality like? Each type of flower communicates a certain type of feeling like adoration, passion, or true love, so know what you want to try to convey with your flower delivery. When you communicate this information to a florist in Dundalk, they can use it to come up with some fantastic flower design ideas for you.

Long Term Relationship Flowers

Woman with a wedding ring holding a bouquet of red roses

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and you want to get something other than roses, you could try something exotic like orchids as a unique surprise. Red flowers communicate passion and love, which make them an excellent option as a bouquet to give for any special occasion or for no reason at all.

Visit a florist in Dundalk today and send flowers to your special lady for no reason at all. They’ll help you choose the perfect selection. You’ll make her feel special with your spontaneous gift. Don’t forget to include a card with a message straight from your heart.