4 Reasons to Preserve Flowers From Your Wedding

When people get married, the bride may keep her wedding dress as a keepsake. But what about flowers? Flower preservation is in demand, with the market making $178.2 million in 2022, according to Transparency Market Research. Here are four reasons to preserve your flowers from your wedding.

1. They Hold Memories

There are quite a few ways to remember your wedding. You can put all the pictures your photographer took in photo albums and preserve any video on your computer or other storage devices. The same can be done for the flowers! This way, you can look at them and remember the sights and smells of that wonderful day and share them with your children. A florist shop can help you with the preservation.

2. They’re Aesthetically Pleasing

Are you looking for things to improve the look of your home? You can preserve the flowers from your wedding and have them framed. That will make an excellent addition to the walls of your home, lending it an extra special air of elegance. People who were at your wedding will remember the flowers, and it will make for a great story for any new visitors.

3. They’re Cost-Effective Decor

This is one of the best ways to have flowers in your home without having to constantly replace them. That’s because preserved flowers won’t wilt or lose color. Talk to someone at your local florist shop about preserving your wedding flowers.

4. They Make the Ideal Gift

When you got married, you likely had a wedding party full of people you adore. To thank them for being part of your special day and helping with the details of the celebration, you may want to provide them with simple gifts. Preserving flowers from your wedding and putting them in small frames alongside thank you cards is the perfect way to show your gratitude while providing a keepsake they’ll have forever.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to have your wedding flowers preserved as a permanent keepsake. They will be something that you can look at for many more years with fondness! Our team at Essex Florist can help create this unique and memorable piece of decor for your home, so contact us today to get started. We also deliver fresh flowers for celebrations, funerals, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and more.