How to Display Dried Flowers in Your New Home

Moving into a new home is always an exciting time. As you settle in and start decorating each room, you may be wondering how you can uniquely decorate. Fortunately, florists can take flowers you’ve received as housewarming gifts and preserve them so you can display their uniqueness. According to Inside Out Living magazine, well-cared for, dried flowers can last, on average, for two to three years! Follow the tips below to incorporate your dried flowers into your new home.

Choose Your Location

You’ll want to place dried flowers in areas you frequent often so you can enjoy their beauty. Consider your kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, or office. Your entryway is also ideal for a dried floral display that welcomes guests. Areas with good natural lighting will highlight the colors and textures of your flowers.

Be Strategic With Groupings

Create interesting arrangements by varying heights and grouping the same types of flowers together. Your local florist can provide advice on complementary flower types to display together. For example, combine different dried grasses for textural contrast. Or, make a bold statement by clustering together brilliantly-hued flowers in shades of orange and red.

Consider Display Methods

Several methods can showcase dried flowers. Bundles tied with ribbon have a whimsical, hand-gathered look. Shadow boxes neatly frame intricately assembled flowers and grasses. Ask your florist for display ideas and tutorials. Old books, empty picture frames, driftwood logs, or clean empty vases also present unique ways to exhibit dried flowers without clutter.

Add Extra Touches

Enhance your dried flower displays with other decorative touches. Display flowers in baskets lined with burlap or colored paper. Weave ribbons through tufts of grasses for a playful accent. Nestle small birds, butterflies, acorns, or other natural complementary objects in with flower displays for added interest. The options are limitless when embellishing your floral art.

As you arrange your treasured dried flowers in their new home, have fun with the endless possibilities. Let your creativity shine. Switch out displays seasonally to keep your home decor ever-evolving. Follow these simple ideas for filling every room with natural beauty. Your preserved flowers will take on new life in wonderful arrangements made just for your unique style. If you’re looking to preserve beautiful flowers, we can help. Reach out to Essex Florist today!