5 Things to Consider When Selecting Flowers for Your Flower Girls

Flower GirlOne

When brides tell me they have flowers girls, I always ask, if we are talking about a traditional flower girl or a junior bride’s maid. About 50% of the time, my brides will indicate that they are really talking about a junior bride’s maid. In that event, it is probably more appropriate to provide them with a miniature bouquet like the rest of the bridal party.


Custom made petal pasket for your flower girl
Flower Girl petal basket

In the case of a traditional flower girl, do not assume she would be able to throw flower petals. Many churches and venues have banned the throwing of petals. Some ban only real petals, but will allow silk petals. Because the rules vary from place to place, it is best to ask. In the event you can throw petals, they are fairly inexpensive to purchase. A wedding designer can create a basket for the flower girl decorated to match your wedding, or you can find one you like from many online sources.


If you are not allowed to throw petals, you do have some alternatives. If the flower girl is dressed like the bride, a small bouquet that mirrors the bridal bouquet would be appropriate. If the flower girl is dressed like the wedding party, then a small bouquet similar to the wedding party would be an option.


Flower Girl Pompadour Balls
Flower Girl Pompadour Balls

With respect to Pompadour Balls: these are very popular choices for flower girls. But do not think they are an inexpensive choice. They can, and do, cost as much as an attendant’s bouquet. They amount and type of flowers needed to make a tight ball, determine the price.


Keep in mind flower girls, like little ring bearers can be unpredictable. I have seen children refuse to go down the aisle. I have seen flower girls violently swing a very ornate Pompadour Balls from one end of the church to the other. And while I know we make ours in such a way that they will not come apart, I still hold my breath when I see them aloft. My point is when dealing with children you want to choose something that is appropriate for your wedding and that also works for them.

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