Flower Delivery Etiquette: 4 Great Tips

The U.S. florist industry generates an estimated $7 billion in annual revenue. Sending flowers is a simple gesture that can mean a lot. However, there are plenty of aspects of choosing flowers and sending floral arrangements that you might not be aware of. Flower delivery etiquette is important and knowing the ins and outs of sending nice flowers can help you avoid awkward or embarrassing situations.

Here are some excellent tips pertaining to flower delivery:

  • Know your reasoning — When you’re sending flowers, you have to do a lot more than simply pick a few out and provide an address. You have to actually know the reason you’re sending flowers. Are you trying to surprise a loved one? Are you trying to cheer someone up who had a rough few weeks? Are you sending flowers as a thank you? You need to figure out this step early on. Make sure you determine if you’re sending sympathy flowers, get well soon flowers, romantic flowers, or celebratory flowers.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute — Ordering in advance is recommended when it comes to sending flowers. You’ll save money with deals that are never available the day before a holiday and you’ll get all that unwanted stress out of the way.
  • Order on Monday — The majority of U.S. flower shops restock on Monday mornings, meaning it’s a perfect time for you to place your order. You’ll have the nicest, freshest flowers to choose from and you’ll be able to ensure your flowers are being delivered during the week.
  • Send with a card — The best way to personalize and add some extra depth of care behind your floral arrangement is to attach a card with your bouquet. Simply write a quick note to let the recipient know that you’re thinking about them — it will mean a lot.

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