How to Create a Winter-Inspired Wedding Bouquet for the Bride

Many people think of weddings as a spring and summer phenomenon, but weddings can also take place in winter. Matching your wedding to the season is a lot of fun in the winter. If you want to plan a winter-themed wedding, then you really need a winter-inspired wedding bouquet in addition to matching colors and catering. Let’s take a look at how you can create a beautiful floral arrangement to match the season.

Agree on Just What You Think “Winter” Is

Obviously, winter is a season, but before you plan your bouquet, you have to specify what the cold season is for you. Is it the coziness, the snow, the holidays, or something else entirely? You may have a very different idea of which flowers represent winter than your soon-to-be spouse does. You may want something that represents the sun and windswept landscapes, while your northeastern soon-to-be in-laws may think something that represents snow and the winding down of the year may be more appropriate. Make sure you have a clear idea of what winter is before planning anything else.

Decide on a Style

When planning the style of your wedding and your bouquet, think about if you want an elegant, minimalist style, or a rustic, homey theme. The style will dictate how your floral arrangement fits in. A stylish, modern mood might mean a winter-inspired wedding bouquet of roses or lilies, while a cozy style might have more freestyle flowers and leaves as decorations.

Arrange Your Bouquet

Now you have to put it all together and to do so, you’ll want to visit a florist who can help you with your wedding floral arrangement. You’re bound to find several florists who can put together a winter-inspired wedding bouquet. After all, there are about 90,427 people working in the floral industry in the U.S, according to IBISWorld.

If you’re ready to plan the floral arrangements for your special day, then don’t wait to get in touch with a florist to find the flowers that fit the style of your wedding perfectly. Get in touch with us if you want to hire a florist who can provide all the flowers for your wedding, so all the plants and flowers you have are coordinating with one another.