What Flower Colors Mean When You Gift a Bouquet

Giving and receiving flowers as gifts is a practice as old as humanity itself. Wherever there have been civilizations, flowers have held special meanings. Today, the floristry industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that still thrives on every continent. Interestingly, flower colors have also held meaning for centuries, too. This quick guide will help educate you on what different colors mean when you send flowers as gifts.


The color red as it pertains to flowers has consistently held the meaning of love. Red carnations and red roses, in particular, symbolize deep love. It is not uncommon for individuals to send red flowers to a new love interest. This is often seen as a way of expressing to the other person that you are serious about the relationship and that you want to show the person how special they have become to you. Not only does this apply to a new relationship, but it can also apply to long-standing relationships as well.


White flowers have a few different meanings. For some people, and in some cultures, white flowers represent pure love. This can apply to many different types of flowers, but often white roses are used for this particular message. White flowers can also hold sad meanings as well. White lilies, for instance, are often used at funerals. Other types of white flowers can also represent purity or grief.


Yellow is often used to express dejection or repentance. For instance, a lover that has done wrong might send flowers with yellow hues as a means of apologizing, admitting their wrongdoing, and asking for forgiveness. Clearly, gifts of flowers can be a very powerful way to send messages to your loved ones.

There is a huge misconception that flowers are only intended to be sent as gifts to women. This could not be further from the truth. Gifts of flowers are a beautiful and thoughtful way to tell anyone of any gender that you are thinking of them and that they are special to you. Flowers are also not only intended to be sent as a gift to a love interest. Anyone in your life will be thrilled to get a gift of flowers on any occasion. If you want to make someone in your life feel special, send flowers with the help of a professional florist at Essex Florist today!