Why Are Tulips a Great Addition to Wedding Bouquets?

According to floral experts, in Russia, romantic love used to be declared by the gift of red tulips. Tulips are becoming a more popular choice for wedding bouquets as many people enjoy their cheerful appearance. If you are looking for some inspiration for your wedding bouquets, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn why adding tulips to your wedding flowers is a great idea.

They’re In Season in Winter and Spring

If you want to have fresh flowers for your wedding bouquets, and your wedding is in the winter or spring, tulips are a wonderful choice. Choosing to get married in the winter or spring means that you won’t have the pressure to conform to “June wedding” sensibilities. You’ll have a bit more leeway to choose wedding themes that reflect your personal tastes rather than what’s expected. Tulips add a fresh, beautiful, and familiar touch that will create a comfortable feeling for all of your guests. If you do want a traditional feel to your wedding, you can pair tulips with other popular blooms like lilies and baby’s breath. There’s really no wrong option when it comes to designing floral bouquets for your wedding.

They Symbolize Hope and Love

Commonly thought of as a harbinger of spring, tulips are a symbol of hope and promise to many. In addition to the many feelings that they evoke from so many folks, tulips are also just truly beautiful flowers. If you grew up with tulips in your garden, they probably evoke a comfortable feeling as well. Choosing the right flowers for bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets can be an easy process when you opt for tulips. These hopeful flowers are sure to bring smiles to all of your guests as you make your way down the aisle.

Tulips Are Available in a Range of Beautiful Colors

Another reason that tulips are becoming a more popular choice for wedding flowers is the wide range of beautiful colors that they come in. From the deepest purples to delicate off-white, there’s a color to match or complement your wedding color palette when you add tulips to your bouquets.

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